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Awakening Close-Up: A look at the typical day and week schedule...

A Typical Day

  • 7:00 Rise and shine
  • 7:30 Breakfast with your own group in your cabin or pavilion
  • 8:30 Morning meeting with everyone: get to know other groups, announcements, and games
  • 9:00 Start your day with your own small group (problem solving exercises, short hikes, low or high challenge course elements, a trip into town, helping with a fun service project for the unique Pine Lake property, T-shirt design, etc.)
  • Noon Lunch with other groups
  • 1:00 Finish your day with your own small group
  • 4:00 R &R : go for a swim in the lake, hang out with friends, catch a nap, talk to your leaders, sit on the observation deck, do some journaling….
  • 6:00 Dinner with everyone under the tent
  • 7:00 Open time for small group tasks and processing the day
  • 9:00 Campfire program, talent show, or free time
  • 11:00 Quiet hours begin

A Typical Week


Register and move into room on campus

  • Drive to Pine Lake for formal Welcome
  • Form small groups and go off separately for initial bonding and challenges


  • Settle fully into cabins or pavilions
  • Begin building teams through problem-solving and trust activities outdoors
  • Lunch with everyone
  • Meet everyone in the Awakening community
  • Walk the Labyrinth


  • Begin more challenging activities and low elements
  • Short hikes and/or help build something to enhance the Pine Lake property (a trail, a stone wall, a boardwalk across the swamp, a new challenge course element…)
  • Open campfire


  • Complete the low elements
  • "Awaken To Yourself": unique self-discovery activities
  • Dinner with Upper class leaders (RA's & AC's)
  • Campfire with one of the most engaging faculty at Hartwick College


  • High elements
  • Closing discussions and appreciations in small groups
  • Final barbecue with College Guests (faculty, staff, etc.)
  • Celebration dance


  • Clean up
  • Pack up
  • Depart before noon for campus to join other arriving first-year students