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Awakening Safety & Requirements

When offered within an atmosphere of support and caring, outdoor challenges stimulate personal growth. We believe that the growth process relies on your becoming familiar with the emotions preceding new challenges, working constructively with those emotions, and giving challenges your best try.

Awakening's solid safety record is backed by:

  • Strong staff training
  • On site medic with Wilderness First Responder certification
  • An up-to-date Project Adventure challenge course
  • Approved climbing gear for the high ropes course

Our only requirements:

  • Be willing to participate to the best of your ability, to respect and support others, and to pitch in when help is needed.
  • All activities are "challenge by choice" – you may find your own level of challenge.
  • Bring adequate footwear and outdoor clothing as listed on our What to Bring page.
  • No special physical skills are necessary.