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Testimonials: Take Our Word for It


is one of the most incredible experiences I have had. Marvelous! Fantastic! Outstanding!
Heather Quarles '11

is like one big lunch table where everyone is welcome to sit down.
Andy Goodell '08

is finding yourself and others.
Chrissy Greco '08

is a great way to start the next stage of your life.
Vanessa Dilport '08

changes lives.
Steph Wrona '09

is exciting and an opportunity for stretching yourself.
Sonya Feinn '10

is filled with incredibly caring people.
Anonymous '10

is a chance for students and faculty to expand their horizons in every way: develop self-confidence, try new things, and work with people they might not usually choose to work with.
Cherilyn Lacy, faculty leader

Personal stories...

This program changed my life and coming back is coming home!
Melissa Remotti '98, leader for over 6 years

Awakening completely changed my life.
Cheryl Springsteen '01

Awakening is incredible. I wish that everyone had the opportunity to be awakened and enlightened and empowered.
Carly Woodcock '06

In Awakening I was a completely different person and I didn’t have to worry how people felt about me. I could be myself. At Awakening you can break out of your shell.
Emily Follit '07

At night we would sit together and talk, sharing our feelings and worries. It was significant because I never had that openness back home and it showed me how much we trust each other.
Emma Jacobson '09

The leaders were caring and loving; whenever they saw me by myself, they would talk to me or help me be part of the group even though I was shy.
Giancarlo Sidoli '09

The most significant moment was listening to Dr. Mark Davies' fireside chat and hearing something that helped me find myself.
E.L. Emerson '10

The best thing about Awakening...

was my group leaders were fun, supportive, responsive, and very easy to communicate with.
Gabby Evans '11

was the transformation in 2 days from 13 strangers to 13 friends.
Eliza Mohlie '10

was making a community of friends before classes started.
Mariana Lizarralde '10

was the amazing, caring, and responsible group leaders.
Mariel Glover '10

From Awakening I learned…

a lot about myself and I also have a clearer picture of who I want to be.
Mandy Schmidt ’11

I’m capable of a lot more and I’m a lot deeper than I thought.
Theodore Carbone '11

I do have a lot to offer other people if I open up and let myself have fun.
Danielle Richard '10

I can be accepted for all of who I am.
Sarah Timm '10