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What to Expect from Your Awakening Experience...

Awakening is primarily a challenging and fun outdoor adventure. It offers a unique learning environment using group problem-solving activities and the challenge course located at Hartwick's Pine Lake Environmental Campus. These activities are presented within an atmosphere of group support and encouragement. A sequence of increasing physical and mental challenges tends to engage people quickly and directly. Insights occur and new behaviors are discovered, with the help of frequent discussions.

Awakening is one way that Hartwick accomplishes its mission of helping students become self-confident, responsible individuals, prepared to live a purposeful life. In addition to challenge activities, Awakening includes optional day hikes and service projects on our beautiful Pine Lake property. Even if you have been through challenge courses before, this experience is guaranteed to be entirely new: a new community, a beautiful new campus, and a new focus on your upcoming experience at college.

Evenings and meal times are yours for socializing with others and making new friends. Accommodations are small cabins or large platform tents, with meals shared at the main lodge. There are bathrooms and portajohns available for all, and everyone stays clean using occasional showers and frequent swims in the lake. Late afternoon R&R time finds people heading for the Pine Lake beach, reading, or taking walks with new friends. Evenings may bring community campfires or dinner with faculty and administrators. There's plenty of time to hang out, talk, and ask questions about the College. On any given day, you may laugh, cry, learn about yourself, and accomplish things you thought impossible. Based on over 27 years of Awakening experiences and the testimony of hundreds of Awakening alumni, we feel certain you'll have a great time!