• Challenge Education staff on the climbing wall
  • Hartwick's Pine Lake Challenge Education Course
  • Challenge Education staff at the climbing wall
  • Challenge Education staff

Here's What They Say About Challenge Programs

Every year, between 30 and 40 groups use Challenge Education Programs. People come away from programs pumped up and ready to tackle the challenges back on campus. But don’t take our word for it; below are some recent groups that requested programs, along with their goals and what they took away from their experience. See for yourself how beneficial Challenge Education can be!

Resident Assistants

GOALS: Appreciation of different styles and strengths


"I have a better idea how to work with everyone else, now." – an RA

Men's & Women's Swim Teams

GOALS: Pushing oneself within the support of the team

"What helped me go past where I wanted to stop, was the team." - a Swimmer

"We learned we all need to support everyone, not just our friends." - a Swimmer

International Club

GOALS: Fun, cooperation and patience with each other


"We learned that we need to listen better, that humor is helpful, and that persistence is key." – the Club

Prague J-term Trip Class

GOALS: Skills for managing group issues, frustrations and new cultures while traveling together


"We always remembered [on the trip] to check in and not let frustrations build." – a Student

"We established a clear foundation for sustaining our group in Prague." – Professor of History Peter Wallace

Education Class

GOALS: Confidence for student teaching


"I overcame my fear because I said I would – this is important as an educator." – an Education Student

"I felt really close as a team – everyone really did have a say and did want to succeed. I feel so much better going back to school. It's important to have that faith in others." – an Education Student

A Fraternity

GOALS: Leadership, running meetings


"We learned to communicate more concisely." – a Brother

"If we set up committees, there is more support for the work that needs to get done." – a Brother

Alpha Omicron Pi (sorority)
GOALS: Unity, respect, communication

"We can all work together to overcome challenges we face. We all have common bonds, we need to find those and cherish them." – a Sister
"Most of the times we are together it is for an event or party – today I got to spend quality time and get to know my sisters better." - a Sister