• Hartwick students enjoying Pine Lake
  • Hartwick College's Pine Lake
  • Musical performers at Hartwick's Pine Lake
  • Hartwick's Pine Lake

Events & Programs

The Pine Lake Environmental Campus offers classes, workshops and extended courses for Hartwick students and the public.

Activities at the Environmental Campus include hosting internationally and regionally respected artists, scientists, musicians, performers, and others with an interest in sharing their passion.

Programs include: personal wellness, guided natural history walks of the Environmental Campus; musical workshops; writing and poetry workshops; regional history workshops; and of course workshops on sustainability.

Artists and teachers perform in the Vaudevillian or Strawbale House and on our new outdoor stage.

We frequently see local school teachers at the property sharing their love of Pine Lake with Oneonta's children through our Partnership Program and this year look forward to working with the new Oneonta Teen Center!

If you are interested in conducting a workshop or program at Hartwick's Pine Lake Environmental Campus, please contact Erin Toal at  607-431-4547 or toale@hartwick.edu