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Lower Tract Map
Land located south of Charlotte Creek Road is referred to as the Lower Tract.  This land remains Hartwick College property and forms the existing Pine Lake Environmental Campus.

A Lower Tract Trail Map is available here. To download this map, you must have Adobe Reader.

The Lower Tract is private property owned by Hartwick College.  It is open only to the Hartwick College community, and the public through our Friends of Pine Lake program.

Upper Tract/Robert V. Riddell State Park Map
Land located north of Charlotte Creek Road is referred to as the Upper Tract.  This land, formerly owned by Hartwick College, is now part of Robert V. Riddell State Park.

A map of Robert V. Riddell State Park, including the Upper Tract, is available on the Robert V. Riddell State Park Maps Page.

Cabin Map
A map showing all cabins and other buildings on the Lower Tract is available here. To download this map, you must have Adobe Reader.