• Winter hikers at Pine Lake
  • Hartwick's Pine Lake
  • Hartwick's Pine Lake
  • Musical performers at Hartwick's Pine Lake


Many local school groups use the Environmental Campus for recreation and education.

Hartwick College and the Oneonta City School District have formed a partnership which enables members of each community to learn and work collaboratively at the Environmental Campus.

The partnership is consistent with the key principles of environmental education and disseminates information and ideas that enable educators and students to explore the environment, investigate current related issues, and create environmental stewardship in an interdisciplinary style.

Karen Rowe (a sixth grade teacher at Riverside Elementary School in Oneonta) uses Hartwick's Environmental Campus as a “classroom without walls.”

In October, Karen takes the students to Pine Lake to complete a science unit on environmental factors; this includes making instruments to measure humidity (sling psychrometers), using anemometers, and determining how the wind has an effect on its environment. She teaches the students how to identify trees and the history of Pine Lake.

In January, the students learn about survival, hike around the lake, look for tracks in the snow, and for a fun activity go sledding. In June, students study pond life and go canoeing.

Karen has developed teacher guides for the science units, a power point on Pine Lake, and a slide show showing the sixth graders with the kindergartners at Pine Lake.