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Composting Toilets

Pine Lake's Vaudevillian - so named for its original use as a vaudeville-era theatre hall - received a significant upgrade in 2012: a new 480 square foot addition featuring public restrooms and an entrance lobby overlooking Pine Lake. The new addition, which was built with funding from the Office of the President, greatly expands Pine Lake's capacity to support academic classes, workshops, contra dances, and other student activities and public events.

In keeping with Pine Lake's goal of modeling sustainable technologies, the new addition features a Clivus Multrum composting toilet system, funded by Friends of Pine Lake donations. In the self-contained Clivus system, solid wastes are composted with pine shavings and liquid wastes are stored. Given the building's proximity to Pine Lake and ecologically sensitive wetland areas, the system provides an environmentally appropriate waste management solution.