Pine Lake Sauna

Come enjoy Pine Lake's softly-lit traditional wood-fired Finnish-style sauna and sweat out your troubles and cares.  The stars above the lake, the fresh crisp air and sound of the water gently lapping the shore help you attain a more tranquil mood. Bring a flashlight for the walk there and a towel to dry off. Leave alcohol, drugs, and worries at home.

Pine Lake Sauna Policy
The sauna is open to Hartwick students, faculty, staff, alumni, and Friends of Pine Lake only.

Wednesdays and Sundays, 7:30-10 p.m. when classes are in session

All Hartwick College policies are in effect at Pine Lake, including in the sauna!


NO FOOD, DRINK, or SMOKING ALLOWED: Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited. Impaired judgment in the sauna can be dangerous; alcohol is a diuretic--combined with sweating in the sauna it could quickly result in serious dehydration.

Pine Lake has a zero-tolerance policy with regards to alcohol or illegal drugs in or around the sauna. Use of drugs and/or alcohol in or in conjunction with the sauna is a serious policy violation and WILL lead to closure of the sauna and disciplinary action against individuals.

For your health! DO NOT use the sauna without your physician's permission if you have been diagnosed with a heart condition, high blood pressure, respiratory ailments, or other chronic condition.

If you are pregnant, you CANNOT use the sauna.

Sign in. A sign in sheet is located inside the sauna door. All users are REQUIRED to sign-in.

Sauna users must be at least 18 years old.

Appropriate clothing and towel required. Clean swim attire must be worn and participants are required to bring a towel to sit on when using the sauna. Under no circumstances may patrons wear excess clothing such as a sweat suit or rubberized suit while in the sauna. Do not wrap in ceramic wrap.

Don't touch the stove. It's HOT! Do not place anything on or near the stove.

When adding water to the rocks, do so slowly, one ladleful at a time. Do not saturate the rocks or pour water directly on the stove. Do not add essential oils, scents, or other materials, including sage and tobacco to the sauna stones or stove. Some people are allergic to these materials.

Drink lots of water. Drink plenty of fluids before entering and leaving the sauna. Avoid dehydration.

Limit your stay. Users CANNOT remain in the sauna for more than 15 consecutive minutes due to the fatiguing effects of prolonged use of the sauna. You are losing water more rapidly than you realize. Before returning to the sauna, you must remain outside for at least 5 minutes. The total amount of time you can remain in the sauna CANNOT exceed 30 minutes.

The sauna CANNOT be used alone. Always have someone with you.

No electronic devices or reading materials. Newspapers, books, notebooks, laptops, cell phones, IPods, MP3s, and other paper and electronic devices prohibited.

Pack it in-pack it out! Take trash home with you, including plastic bottles, which should be recycled.

Honor the system. The Pine Lake sauna runs on trust and community spirit. It is a privilege not a right. If someone is abusing the system (breaking the rules) tell them and report it to the Pine Lake staff person on duty. Do not allow dangerous situations to exist. Everyone has the responsibility to maintain a safe sauna. A Pine Lake employee is on duty in the Lodge office during all sauna hours. Contact the on-duty staff (278-5429), or Coordinator of Pine Lake Residency, Seth Lucas (353-9586), to report problems or any concerns.

Donations: Anyone (including Hartwick folks) can support the sauna (and Pine Lake). Funds help purchase wood, pay sauna attendants, make repairs, and cover costs. To donate, complete a Friends of Pine Lake membership form and write "sauna" on the check memo line. It's easy and tax deductible! The current stove was donated by sauna goers and flood repairs were paid for by donations. Financial support, even small amounts, makes a difference and helped us reopen.