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Biological research by faculty and students has been ongoing at Hartwick College's Pine Lake Environmental Campus for over 35 years. Vascular plants and ferns have been completely catalogued and Hartwick’s herbarium holds voucher specimens for all species (Rabeler 1975, Smith and Rabeler 1976). Forest ecology classes have established long-term plots that have characterized forest community structure at three different locations in the Upper Tract.

Studies of the bird communities at two sites have been published and the fish community is known from complete surveys conducted in 1985, 1995, and 2003. Several senior thesis projects have investigated components of the natural communities at Pine Lake, and a soil map has been produced for the Upper Tract. To date we have identified 11 distinct plant community types and more than 750 species of organisms.

Thus far, no state-listed threatened or endangered species have been documented at Pine Lake or on the Upper Tract.


Biological Diversity

Number of Communities/Species

Plant communities


Vascular plants

518 species (94 families)


130 species


70 species (nesting)


20 species


17 species


16 species


7 species


17 orders (100+ families)

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