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Data Collection Policies

The Robert R. Smith Environmental Field Station (Smith EFS) at Hartwick College's Pine Lake Environmental Campus does not currently have policies regarding data collection and management. We are initiating discussions with a consultant to determine appropriate data acquisition and management systems and policies adequate to protect Hartwick faculty, students, and Smith EFS users.

As part of the Robert V. Riddell State Park land use agreement between Hartwick College and New York State, research data collected must be available for sharing with agency personnel. In collaboration with New York State, all data collected will be geographically referenced, converted to digital format, and stored in a geographic information system. Products will include a hard copy report and maps, digital copy of report and maps (pdf format), and digital data layers for approved GIS users. This information can be used to improve our understanding of New York State's biodiversity and as a tool for guiding management and identifying protection priorities within individual parks and across the state park system.

If you have questions about data collection at Hartwick College's Pine Lake Environmental Campus or Robert V. Riddell State Park, please contact the Pine Lake Institute.