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Smith EFS Classes

Smith EFS has been used primarily by Hartwick College faculty and students as a base of operations for field research and teaching. Below are use statistics for the field station from 2004 through 2008.  Use (in person-days) increased in 2005 and 2007 due to enrollment in the archaeology course. Not all courses reported the number of students enrolled who used the field station. Approximately 82% of the activity in the field station is related to research and 18% to teaching. In an informal survey, 30% of all senior projects in the biology department used the field station or Pine Lake for all or part of their research.

Hartwick College Courses Taught at Smith EFS (2004-2009)


Course Title

Years Taught

Anth 421

Field Research in Archaeology

1973-2009 (odd years)

Biol 101

Biology in Practice: Invasive Species


Biol 105

Principles of Biology

2006, 2008

Biol 221

Vertebrate Zoology

2006, 2008

Biol 300

Animal Development


Biol 303



Biol 304

Aquatic Ecology

2005, 2007, 2009

Biol 499

Directed Studies


Biol 490

Senior Research


Ench 315

Environmental Chemistry I


Geol 202


2005, 2007, 2009

Geol 250

The Secret World of Dirt


Geol 305



Geol 316



Intr 150

Idea and Practice of Sustainability


More than 12 courses are regularly offered at Smith EFS during the academic year.  In June, Smith EFS hosts faculty and student researchers and field-based summer courses.  Hartwick College departments using Smith EFS include Biology, Geology and Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, Anthropology, and Interdisciplinary Studies. A number of senior theses and faculty/student presentations have emerged from Smith EFS research.