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Facilities & Instrumentation

Smith EFS was constructed in 1995 with funding from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), which recognized its potential in providing valuable scientific information about the biological diversity in the region. Smith EFS is used for teaching and for conducting basic and applied research.

Facilities include a large teaching/research laboratory (5x6m), a smaller dedicated research laboratory, storage/utility room (2.5 x 4m), instrument room (2.5 x 3m), computer room (2 x 3m), and a full bath.

    Research lab


    Teaching/research lab

Equipment includes an explosion-proof refrigerator, freezer, microwave, PH meter, top loading balances, six dissecting microscopes, six compound microscopes, drying ovens, computers and printers, and AV equipment.

Field equipment includes small mammal traps, forestry equipment, aquatic sampling equipment, water testing kits, a dissolved oxygen meter, mist nets and traps for bird capture, seines and nets, and other basic limnology and ecology equipment.

The Field Station has wireless internet access and maintains a collection of biology, ecology, and natural history books and literature.