Log Cabin

Hartwick's first natural building, a log cabin, was built at the College's Pine Lake Environmental Campus in the mid-1970s. According to Pine Lake: A History, "...in 1975, two Hartwick students began construction on a log cabin. Steve Suleski and Pamela Peters built the log cabin as part of a series of independent history courses under Dr. Richard Haan. Suleski described the project as a chance to 'recreate 18th century pioneer living in America.'"

A number of Hartwick students assisted with the log cabin's construction, which was accomplished  almost entirely with 18th-century techniques.  Hand tools were utilized in place of power tools, and draft horses were used to drag logs to the building site.

The log cabin stood for over 25 years. The former site of the  log cabin is still in use, as a home for banners made by students participating in Hartwick's Awakening  program.