Strawbale House

The Strawbale House at Pine Lake

The Strawbale House, completed in 2002, is one of two natural buildings located at Hartwick College's Pine Lake Environmental Campus

The Strawbale House was designed and constructed by students enrolled in Architecture of the Sacred, a Religious Studies course offered at Hartwick between 2000 and 2004. The course was co-taught by Professor of Religious Studies Sandy Huntington and natural builder Clark Sanders. (Read more about Clark Sanders in this 2011 New York Times article.) Tjalling Heyning, Clark Sanders' long-time building partner, also played a central role in the  construction of the Strawbale House.

Architecture of the Sacred students designed the Strawbale House and began work on it in June 2000. The building was completed in 2002.

(The other, the Cob House, was completed in 2010.)