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Hartwick College contracts for dining services with Aramark Food Service.

Most flour used for baking is unbleached.

Biodegradable and Compostable Containers
Compostable paper plates and containers used in Table Rock Café are all compostable. Forks, knives, and spoons are made from starch. Clear cups and containers are biodegradable.

During the academic year, pre-consumer food waste is composted at a rate of 75-100 pounds a day. This material is transported to an on-campus site for composting.

Dairy Products
All dairy is regional and hormone-free. Regional, organic dairy products are available in Table Rock Café. Eggs are cage-free.

Fair Trade Coffee
Fair Trade, organic coffees are offered in the Commons.

Food Donation
During the academic year, leftover food is packaged up after each meal. Volunteers from campus pick up the food and deliver it to Food2Share, a local food distribution program.

Local and Regional Food
Grassroots, Hartwick's student environmental action and education club, teams up with Aramark to host the Local and Organic Dinner every fall. Additionally, Aramark purchases local and seasonal foods for special events throughout the year. 23% of overall food purchases are from suppliers based within 250 miles of Hartwick College.

Reusable Container Discounts
In Table Rock Café, customers using reusable mugs receive a discount of $.19, equivalent to the cost of the paper cup which is not being used.

All oils used at Hartwick College are zero trans-fat.

Trayless Dining
In an effort to reduce food waste, trays have been removed from the main serving area in the Commons. They are used only to return dishes to the dishwashing station.

Vegan and Vegetarian Dining
In the Commons, Hartwick's central dining hall, tofu and fresh vegetables are available for students who want to create custom stir-fry dishes. Every lunch and dinner features one vegan and one vegetarian entree. Edamame, tempeh, brown rice, vegan crumbles, vegan chili, vegan taco, black beans, kidney beans, chick peas, hummus, and soy milk are also available daily.

To learn more, visit Hartwick's Dining Services page.