Preventing Workplace Harassment and Campus SaVE Act

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Hartwick College is committed to providing a working and learning environment that is healthy and inspiring. It should go without saying that such an environment must be free of all forms of harassment.

Our community actively embraces this principle. Because we not only abide by federal, state, and local laws against harassment, but also promote their intent, harassment training will be mandatory for all Hartwick employees. Training is required within 30 days of hire and every three years.  This training will assure that all faculty and staff have the information they need to encourage standards of professional, harassment-free behavior for and between all members of the Hartwick College community.

I am pleased that we are partnering with United Educators to provide you with two interactive computer tutorial: Preventing Workplace Harassment and Campus SaVE Act. The information and guidelines outlined in the online educational modules are clearly designed to increase your awareness of what harassing behavior is, how to prevent it, and what to do if you see it. These tutorials will satisfy your mandatory training requirement. Should you have any questions, please contact Director of Human Resources, Suzanne Janitz.

Thank you for your partnership in assuring that our campus is a healthy, harassment free environment.

Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich

Hartwick College Harassment Policy
irections for Training:

To access the course, follow the web link below to UE's online training with EduRisk Solutions Learning Resources.  The institution code below will validate your eligibility to take the course.

United Educators- Preventing Workplace Harassment and Campus SaVE Act :

First-time users should select the link to create a new account on the right side of the screen:
a. Create a user name, provide your first and last name, email address; select the department and position that closely matches and select your position role.  

b: Enter the Institution Code of : 2148-SE37-XY12  (this is case sensitive)

c. Click on Register.  You will receive an email with your user-name and temporary password.  To complete the registration process, return to UE through the link provided in the email and update your password.   You will then have access to the Preventing Workplace Harassment training #110 or #113, and the Campus SaVE Act training #CS-102.  Both tutorials can be completed within an hour.

Use your user-name and password each time you log into the learning resourses using the link provide above.

Please note that if you already have a UE issued website account, you will need to go through this registration process to access the training for Hartwick College.