Minutes of Meeting: December 13, 2004

Present:  Stephanie Brunetta, Tammy Hammond-Card, Suzanne Gaynor

We discussed our ideas for what the committee might contribute, offer and/or sponsor staff to meet the committee’s purpose as defined by the HCSC.

Purpose of the Committee:  The committee will promote and advocate staff professionalism and support opportunities for the leadership development of its members.  

Ideas that will be proposed to the full HCSC at the next meeting (January 3, 2005):
• The committee will work to coordinate and host a series of monthly workshops.  We brainstormed potential topics.
• Workshops to be along the lines of “Brown Bag Lunches”, scheduled at lunch hour so that staff can easily attend.
• The committee will draft a survey to solicit topics from staff for workshops/Brown Bay Lunches.  The survey will be shared with HCSC at the next meeting (January 3, 2005) before sending out to all staff.
• Staff will be asked if they are interested in offering a workshop. (Following the ACE model for student workshops.)  We hope to make use of our internal resources initially.  Survey to go out following full January HCSC meeting.
• The committee will meet in mid January to review survey results, plan the year, and prepare for our first meeting with interested staff on January 24, 2005.  The committee will also recruit additional members at this “organizational” meeting.
• First Brown Bag Lunch workshop to be offered in February.
• Perhaps it would be a good idea to put suggestions boxes out in key locations on campus for staff suggestions. The boxes would promote the council at a minimum and offer a way for staff to present ideas, issues to the Council for consideration.  Issues would be to identify key locations and then designate a person(s) to maintain them.
• Question was asked, “How will the committee work with HR to support the Office’s goals to advance staff training and development?”

Meeting adjourned at 10 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Brunetta