Minutes of Meeting: March 1, 2005

Present: Nadine Carvin, Suzanne Gaynor, Manny Pelligra, Carla Tenace

Meeting convened at noon. We discussed our next steps and whether we were ready to start programs in March. It was suggested that our topics could be divided into "themes" and perhaps the programs could alternate among the themes for variety.

Retirement Planning 
Working with other departments
Interviewing Skills
Conflict Resolution  
Performance Appraisal  

Smoking Cessation

Stress Management
Organizational Skills
Communication Skills
Time Management
Knowing resources of your staff
Team Building
Staff Motivation/Retention
Representing staff
Humor in the workplace

Other items discussed:

  • Cabinet should be asked to encourage their staff to participate in workshops
  • Staff Council needs to give the go ahead when our plans are more concrete. We can present our tentative plan to them at the March 7th meeting
  • We need to develop a feedback/evaluation instrument for workshop
  • Initially, we’d like to see workshops offered on Wednesdays from 12-1
  • We need to have a method for tracking attendance for workshops. We’d like to ask HR whether a record of attendance should be put in someone’s HR file. Should we issue certificates of attendance?
  • We need to discuss how the workshops will be advertised
  • Locations for workshops still undecided. Eaton Lounge or Shineman (for larger groups), or Yager 321A&B which can be opened to one room

Plans for initial workshops:

  • April 13th  Manny Pelligra will present the first in a Leadership/Supervisory Skills series (open to all staff). This will be an introduction to the topic where a group of skills will be highlighted, and the additional presentations in the series will delve into those skills in more detail.
  • May 11th (depending on availability) Mike Haehnel – Conflict Resolution
  • June ?  (depending on availability) Mark Van Laeys – Fitness Topic

Next Meeting of the PDC: March 15th 12-1 location TBA
At next meeting we need to finalize dates, locations, advertising and feedback methods for the initial workshops. We need to verify Staff Council approval to go forward.

Steps before next meeting:

  • Nadine and Manny will meet to work on a feedback instrument and a description of the Intro presentation
  • Nadine will talk to Mark VanLaeys about the fitness session
  • Suzanne will contact HR for suggestions about a speaker for retirement planning and to request that they have a handout on “what Hartwick offers” that could be distributed at that session
  • Carla will talk to Tammy H-C about smoking cessation

Meeting adjourned at approximately 1:10pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Suzanne Gaynor