Minutes of Meeting: March 15, 2005

Present:  Stephanie Brunetta, Suzanne Gaynor, Tammy Hammon-Card, Suzanne Janitz, Carla Tenace

Meeting began at noon in Eaton Lounge.  Items discussed:

1. Confirming details for the workshop series:

  • Manny Pelligra will present leadership workshop on April 13th.
  • Mike Haehnel will present conflict resolution on May 11th.
  • Tammy Hammon-Card confirmed Eaton Lounge from noon-1 p.m. for April 13th and May 11th. 
  • Tammy will check with Mark Van Laeys for June workshop date.
  • Stephanie Brunetta will ask Manny Pelligra for description of his leadership workshop and will verify his any media needs.  The description of Mike’s workshop will be taken from ACE material of similar program.

2. We will use email and web pages to advertise workshop series:

  • 1st email will go out March 23rd to promote the committee and plans for the series.  A link will go to committee web pages.  Suzanne Gaynor will draft text and share with committee via email.
  • 2nd email will go out March 30th to specifically promote Manny’s leadership workshop with additional information on others to follow in May and June.
  • Stephanie will create Campus Event pages for each workshop with a link to committee, council web pages.
  • Following HCSC meeting on April 4th, Frank Werdann will be asked to remind cabinet of the upcoming workshops, so that staff can be encouraged to attend by their cabinet member and supervisors.
  • Stephanie will send Ingeniux users on the committee the page number of the draft committee web pages for review.  These pages should be published in synch with the distribution of our 1st email.

3. It was determined that we’ll have a sign-in list for those who attend each workshop for the purpose of keeping track of numbers who attend.  We’ll not produce certificates of attendance at this point in time or any other “official” documentation that might be used for HR/employee record purposes.

4. Suzanne Janitz and Suzanne Gaynor will share by email sets of evaluation questions that can be used by committee after each program.  Included will be a request for presenters and additional topics.

5. It was determined that we’ll not offer any workshops over the summer, but will ask if that is something staff would attend in the current evaluations.  Perhaps a summer walking program could come out of the fitness workshop to be offered by Mark Van Laeys.

6. In response to staff survey, a smoking cessation workshop will be offered by Tammy Hammon-Card in April.  This program will be independent from the Committee’s workshop series.

7. The committee will need to complete plans for September, October workshops over the summer months. 

8. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, March 29th from noon-1 in Eaton.

9. It was agreed that members of the committee will take turns drafting minutes of meetings in the future.

10. Meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Brunetta