Minutes of Meeting: March 29, 2005

Present:  Stephanie Brunetta, Suzanne Gaynor, Tammy Hammon-Card, Suzanne Janitz, Carla Tenace

Meeting began at noon in Eaton Lounge.  Thanks to Nadine Carvin for bringing pizza for our lunch.  Items discussed:

1. Reviewed and approved the drafted workshop evaluation form.  The issue of cost for making copies was raised.  A suggestion was made that each committee member might be able to make a supply of evaluations for each of the workshops.  This might not be possible for all to do given budget constraints within departments.  The issue of funds for copies will be taken to the full Council; as well as, the issue of future budgeted dollars for other committees and the full Council. 

2. Suzanne Gaynor will draft our second announcement on workshops and request that Frank Werdann send it out to staff and faculty.  It will include an introductory statement about the committee and a link to our main web page.

3. Reviewed final dates for workshops in Eaton Lounge:

a. April 13th- Leadership/Supervisory Skills; Manny Pelligra

b. May 11th-  Fitness; Mark Van Laeys

c. June 8- Conflict Resolution; Mike Haehnel

HR and the committee will request to review materials/content outlines of each presenter before each workshop; this, to ensure that what is being presented is not contrary to what is put forth by HR and College programs/guidelines for professional development. 

4. We need to review presenter needs with each speaker:

Suzanne Gaynor will ask Manny Pelligra and Mike Haehnel
Tammy Hammon-Card will ask Mark Van Laeys
Stephanie Brunetta will send copy of Manny’s bio statement to Suzanne Janitz.

5. Welcome, Introductions, Evaluations, Thank You will be done for each workshop:

Suzanne Janitz:  April
Nadine Carvin:  May
Carla Tenace:  June

HR will supply certificates of appreciation from the Committee for the first few workshops.

6. On a broader issue, representation concerning the Council's role in institution wide planning and issues was raised.  It was discussed that the Council has elected representatives to the assessment process being conducted now.  Perhaps regular reports on this process need to be on the agenda for full Council meetings.  Question was raised do HCSC chair and vice chair always attend Faculty Council meetings?  This is also a place for staff voice concerning campus wide issues.

7. The next full council meeting is April 4th.

8. The PDC will meet on April 5th, noon before the first workshop on April 13th.  Tammy will check on availability of Eaton Lounge.
9. Meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Brunetta