Minutes of Meeting: May 26, 2005

Present:  N. Carvin, C. Tenace, M. Pelligra, S. Janitz, S. Gaynor, T. Hammon-Card, S. Brunetta

1.  Review of 5/11/05 Fitness workshop.  18 attended.  It was a good program.

2.  Confirm details of 6/8 Conflict Resolution workshop to be presented by Mike Haehnel.

  • Carla will follow-up with Mike about his bio and send information to Frank Werdann to send email announcement to zhd list.
  • Suzanne G. will bring laptop, projector and flip chart. 
  • Suzanne J.  will supply more evaluation forms.

3. Discussion of the need for a Staff Recognition Award to profile staff contributions and achievement during the academic year took place.  Suggestions included:  presenting award at a high profile campus event like Honors Convocation, Commencement, Convocation; need for an endowed fund for the award; need to review similar faculty honors processes/procedures; need to seek information from other institutions that have such an award for staff.  As this is an agenda item for the next Staff Council meeting, the committee’s suggestions will be brought to the full Council on 6/6.

4.  Discussion of next year’s workshop programs took place.  The following was outlined:

  • September 21; Time Management:  Tammy will check on potential speakers.
  • October 12 or 19; Communication & Leadership Skills:  Manny and/or Rich Brown.  Suzanne G. will follow-up with Rich.
  • November 9 or 16; MBTI:  Shannon Forbes-  Nadine will confirm details with Shannon.
  • December 7; Stress Management Fair:  The entire committee will work to organize a fun series of “stations” that will offer a variety of stress release activities and/or information.  To be held in Shineman Celebration Room.  Some ideas:  music therapy, reiki, massage, meditation (Sue Woodworth), nutrition, raffle prizes, etc.

All appropriate workshops should be promoted as the follow-up to the introductory session presented by Manny in April.

Next meeting:  June 14, Clark 155 at 9 a.m.  Adjourned at approximately 10 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Brunetta

5/27/05 Follow-up Communications on Fall Workshop Details:

Diane Paige will do Time Management in September; still negotiating date.

Rich Brown will do Communications; but, prefers November.

Shannon Forbes will do MBTI. She agreed to November; but, can she do October instead?