Minutes of Meeting: April 25, 2006

Present: Suzanne Janitz, Suzanne Gaynor, Carla Tenace, Lou Lansing, Nadine Carvin, Lea Warden

We are set for Deb Warren's presentation on May 16th 12-1 "Living Life on Purpose". Carla will book Eaton or Chesebro for this event. Lou will verify what supplies Deb needs. Suzanne Janitz will send bio and write up info to Carla and she will see that Stephanie gets them for the web, and that Suzanne G. gets them for announcement.

Mike Haehnel is set for June 7th. Carla will verify room. We will ask him to focus on workplace conflict.

Patricia Maben is willing to present, but would prefer October. Suzanne G. will nail down a date and description.

September we would like to have HR do a presentation on "reorientation". Suzanne Janitz will work on this. We may include a calendar of events for coming programs and consider including a college tour as part of this type of program.

Carla will check on John Clemens as an option for November.

December will be another stress fair.

We will meet again May 30th and June 27th. Will suspend meeting for July. May meet in August to verify September program plans.

Respectfully submitted,

Suzanne Gaynor