Minutes of Meeting: August 14, 2006

Those in attendance: Lea Foster Warden, Lou Lansing, Karen Ingles, Nadine Carvin

The HCSC Professional Development Committee met this morning to plan for the September 20, 2006, workshop.

Beth Orgeron, College Librarian and Director of Information Resources, will be the presenter. She will collaborate with the incoming new CLTT Director in developing and presenting a workshop on resources available to the professional staff at Hartwick College.

We discussed the idea around the "series concept" that the Committee had discussed briefly in the spring and online but decided when the full Committee comes together with its new members, a decision should be made. The discussion could take place online if you want to begin promoting the concept with Beth as the first presenter in the series.

Karen Ingles agreed to introduce Beth and the new CLTT director for the workshop-as time comes closer need to have a title for the program. Stephanie usually promotes via the webpage/zhdlist. Nadine will ask her to do same for this. Karen has already secured Eaton Lounge, Bresee Hall, from 12-1 on September 20.

Lea Foster Warden & Nadine Carvin will be leaving Hartwick in September 8 and September 4 respectively. We have enjoyed participating in this Committee and wish you all well!

Suggestion: Committee should meet again soon or communicate via email with Beth obtain a title for her presentation and promote the program with the new CLTT director’s name as well. And also to discuss "series title".