Minutes of Meeting: February 1, 2006

Present: Suzanne Janitz, Carla Tenace, Suzanne Gaynor, Lou Lansing

  • We reviewed and approved the survey intended for staff regarding what programs they would like us to present this year.
  • A draft will be sent to committee members by mid next week. When we distribute it to staff, we will request that it be returned by February 17th.
  • Suzanne Janitz agrees to do a presentation on Interviewing Skills for March 8, 2006. Carla will verify Eaton Lounge for that.
  • Lou will ask Debbie Warren if she would consider doing a presentation. Lou will show her our survey for a starting point of topics.
  • Carla will talk to Larry Malone and John Clemens to see if they would consider doing a presentation.
  • We will ask Staff Council about whether the College should consider monthly information sessions for staff on each department, and/or something similar to what it offers parents of new students.

Next meeting will be March 1, 2006 9 a.m. Clark 155