Minutes of Meeting: February 24, 2005

Present:  Stephanie Brunetta, Nadine Carvin, Suzanne Gaynor, Suzanne Janitz

We reviewed and tallied the results of the Survey on Professional Development Topics that was sent out to all staff by email.  Approximatley 30 surveys were received.  The raking of topics is as follows:

1. Supervisory Skills
2. Stress Management
3. Fitness Activity
4. Organizational Skills
5. Conflict Resolution
6. Time Management
7. Building Your Own Professional Network
    Adjusting to Change
8. Nutrition
9. Smoking Cessation

Additional suggestions for workshop topics included:
1. Retirement Planning and Planning for Long Term Care
2. Interviewing Skills
3. Public Speaking Skills
4. Book Club
5. Discussion Group on Issues in Higher Education
6. Goal Setting
7. Work Flow Efficiency
8. Working with other Departments—Team Building
9. Working with Diversity/Differences-  Cultural Awareness
10. A Day in the Life Of….  (administrative offices, faculty members/academic departments, service departments, etc.)
11. Sustainability—what does it mean for us?
12. Yoga

Ellen Miller will follow-up with Sarah Root about her proposal for an Empowerment Workshop for staff this summer.

We have begun to build a list of potential speakers (from within the Hartwick community) and will talk more about possible speaker exchange opportunities with local organizations at our next meeting.

The best time of day indicated by the survey results seems to be a lunch hour time frame.  Although some respondents did indicate mornings would work as well.

It was agreed that the committee will work closely with HR to develop a supervisory skills workshop.  Suzanne Janitz will contact Manny Pelligra- who volunteered to lead a workshop on supervisory skills.  Manny will be invited to attend our next meeting. 

The committee will meet again on March 1st to further outline next steps for organizing the first workshop for the end of March or early April.

Meeting adjourned at 10 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Brunetta