Minutes of Meeting: March 1, 2006

Present: Suzanne Janitz, Stephanie Brunetta, Suzanne Gaynor, Lou Lansing

We received 12 completed surveys from the staff. Their interests include:

  • Supervisory Skills – 8 votes
  • Conflict management – 7 votes
  • Organizational Skills – 5 votes
  • Stress Management – 5 votes
  • Nutrition – 5 votes
  • Time Management – 5 votes
  • Building a Personal Network – 3 votes
  • Fitness – 2 votes
  • Adjusting to Change – 1 vote

Other, written-in suggestions included:

  • Working with other departments
  • Community building
  • On campus department presentations – 2 people
  • Volunteering
  • Travel tips – saving money
  • Understanding IRAs, investments
  • Communication Skills – 2 people
  • Appreciating other cultures
  • Grant writing
  • Business Writing
  • Yoga, Tai Chi
  • Self defense
  • Holistic/Eastern Medicine, Ayurvedic
  • Being a good leader

We will talk about the possibility of doing the monthly spotlights on departments at the next staff council meeting to see if we can get the support of the Pres/Cabinet about that type of monthly event during work hours.

We are set for Suzanne Janitz's presentation on March 8th. We discussed doing more than the usual advertising, but Suzanne preferred that we do the usual and see who is interested rather than beating the bushes or asking cabinet to "send" people, who might then resent it.

Carla has arranged for Larry Malone to do a presentation on April 12th from 12-1p.m. on criticism. We will be getting a bio and description from him and may ask him to talk about getting and giving criticism, and to come from the perspective of supervisory skill as well as a general communication since those are areas of high interest.

We also reviewed an e-mail from a staff person who asked for more info about staff taking classes. This individual said that she would like to be able to sit down with her supervisor and a faculty advisor and figure out what classes might benefit her work and also help with career opportunities at Hartwick. We are not quite sure where to go with this one, but we will ask Larry Malone informally what the faculty think of staff taking their classes.

On the surveys, Patricia Maben volunteered to do a presentation called "Personal Perspective Profile". We are not sure what this is about and will ask her for more information.

For May and June we are considering asking Deb Warren if she has any material on supervisory skills or leadership. She had told Lou that she could present on almost any of the topics on our survey. We are looking at May 17th or June 7th.

We will also consider asking Mike Haehnel to do another presentation on Conflict Management since that was very well received and he offered that he had additional material he could cover. We may ask him to do the other of the two dates we offer Deb Warren, depending on what we find out about Patricia Maben's topic.

Other survey results:

Day of week that is best is as usual all over the map. Most people could do Wednesday.
Time of day is also variable but still seems that lunchtime (either 12-1 or 1-2) would be best time for most people.

Next meeting will be March 29th 9 a.m. Suzanne G. to arrange room.

Respectfully submitted,

Suzanne Gaynor