• Hartwick students studying rock formations
  • Hartwick students giving a presentation in front of the class.
  • Hartwick students working on a project in class.
  • Yager Bell Tower, Hartwick College

Past Meeting Notes

Committee Meeting Notes: July 28, 2005 
RE: Quinquennial Awards and Presentation

Present: Shirley Georgia, Suzanne Janitz, Marcia Saggese and Gladys Freeland

The following ideas were put on the table:

  • Giving long-term employees (25+ years) something more Hartwick oriented
  • Change venue of event from Christmas gathering to fall or spring event
  • Leaving ceremony as is but making the Christmas gathering only for Hartwick employees
  • Change the order awards are presented, longest here would be presented first
  • More detailed write-up in local papers
  • Instead of having ceremony at holiday gathering, have a brunch with president, cabinet, spouses
  • Select different items for years of service Example:  5 year – pin; 10 year & 15 year – mirror, 20 year – pen set
  • Awards used to be in the summer (July) on the Yager patio
  • Develop a scholarship program for Hartwick student(s) where award recipients could donate their gift $ amount to it
  • Have 5-year awards given out during summer coffee hour

Ran out of time, committee will meet again before the next staff council meeting to draft proposals.

Committee Meeting Notes: August 9, 2005
Present: Suzanne Janitz, Marcia Saggese, Nancy Wycoff, Shirley Georgia, Gladys Freeland

The committee drafted two proposals to be submitted for consideration by the HCSC for the 2006-2007 academic year.

Proposal #1 – We propose that we establish a Quinquennial Awards Ceremony to be held at a date to be determined the first or second week of June.  It would be held in Stack lounge with seating for everyone.  The previous order of the ceremony would be changed to honor those that have been here longest, first.  The idea of a “roast” came to our minds with a few words about our senior honorees.  The ceremony would be for all staff and faculty with coffee and cake to follow.

Proposal #2 - The 1st 5 years would earn a pin.  The following 5 year increments would be specific gifts for each recipient determined after research by Suzanne Janitz.  We also propose that the recipient be allowed to donate the monitary value of his/her gift to any Hartwick Organization or to the United Way, earmarked if they choose, to a specific organization.,  We would also propose that they be allowed to donate to an open student scholarship. 

The committee also discussed investigating the possibility of obtaining awards actually made by Hartwick people i.e. blown glass ornaments by Erik Halvorson, ceramic pieces by Roberta Griffith, paper items by Phil Young/art Dept. or, other items available in our community.