Minutes of HCSC Meeting: August 5, 2008

Present:  Mike Haehnel, Linda Wells, Judy Walsh, Alicia Fish, Shirley Georgia, Carla Kinser, Barb Konze, Dave Moxley, Suzanne Janitz, Kathleen Traynor


Call To Order:

Mike Haehnel called the meeting to order at 9:00a.m.

Mike welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Goal of this meeting would be to review the budget, by-laws, Staff Council assessment of ’08, goals for ’09, Standing committees and scheduling events for ’09.   

Minutes from the June meeting will be re-distributed to members and ratified at next meeting.  Members were reminded of shared file for agenda ideas, which may be submitted by regular or ex-officio members.   

Brief review of notes from the Presidential meeting – no changes proposed.

 By-Law Review:  Judy Walsh

           -         Quorum is not stated in the By-laws but should be. A majority vote for quorum   is 6
                  council  members (chair does not vote)
         o       Super Majority = 2/3 vote = 8 council members
o       Motion brought for Quorum approved for both Majority to cover legal 
                            meeting and “regular” motions and elections while Super Majority would be
                            for By-law changes and to remove members from the HCSC

-          Division change – Ellen Falduto’s departure changed divisional set-up

o       IT to be under the Academic Affairs division

o       Institutional Research to replace Information & Planning and changes balance of members; Colmin reports to IT & Carla reports to Academic Affairs

-         The consolidation of administrative divisions could impact divisional election and
representation for HCSC. This issue will be brought back for further discussion after the provost and student life VP positions are filled


Staff Council Assessment: Mike Haehnel  

-        Draft of assessment issued to members.  When finalized will be forwarded to Pres. Drugovich as a yearly report

-    While there has been some talk of Staff Council having a larger role in
                        governance, we still have work to do on fully meeting our advisory role. 

-         More open conversation with cabinet regarding issues raised by Council

-         More thoroughness needed for follow through on issues being brought to the President and Cabinet. 

-         Close “loops” of communication and get feedback on advice given

-        Need for VP’s to attend Council meetings to provide up-to-date information on the happenings and important initatives within those divisions.

o       Enrollment Mgmt. at beginning of year for status report on incoming class

o       No notification was given to campus on changes made to the frosh computer system this fall so that staff was not prepared for questions from students

-         Employee Handbook

o       The version authored by former HR director Lynn Greenwood was discarded and anther version was being worked on by Ellen Falduto who has also now left the College. Unknown status for the handbook

             -         New Employee meetings
o       Desire for council representation at orientations

o       Update HCSC web site     

§         Include pictures/blurbs for each member for easier outreach

-         Documents of procedures for Staff Council to be filed in cabinet in Matt Sanford’s office with all other Staff Council documentation


Goals ’08 – ’09: 

1.      Employee Handbook

2.      Emergency Preparedness Plan

3.      Assemble basic calendar for HCSC for the year and submit to cabinet

4.      Increase HCSC exposure on campus and encourage participation.  Strengthen Presence

5.      Middle States Survey – do we respond?

a.       Draft report being issued this month.  Respond immediately or wait till review in September?

b.      Reviewers coming to campus week of September 22nd

6.      More communication/inclusion

a.       Having Staff Council included in some way with cabinet

                                                                           i.      Attend cabinet meetings

                                                                         ii.      Be included in cabinet meeting minutes distribution

b.      Following up on issues; Handbook, emergency preparedness plan

7.      Continue goals from last year into following year – complete goals not met in previous year


Budget ’08 – ’09:  Linda Wells   

                      --         Budget surplus of $213.50 last year 
-         08/09 budget $50 increase from previous year’s budget 
-         $83 for retreat not yet deducted

-         Costs/financial requests can be brought up in meetings for approval or emailed to Chair and members in absence of meeting discussion

-         Coffee Hours  continuing with last year’s trend

o       Sponsorship of coffee hours by outside offices (AFS, B&N)

-         Pine Lake Day 8/22/08 (evening)

o       Approved by President

o       Pending approval of time (4 pm) and budget

o       Date is clear – no Awakening infringement

-         Money used to pay for Golisano brick last year to pay for Ice Cream Social this year

-         Change coffee hour budget to $150

-         Make retreat a separate item on budget

-         Change Wellness Fair budget to $150

Motion passed to approve budget


Standing Committees:  

-         Web site maintenance: Barb, Linda and Judy

-         Council Committee members to follow up with non-council members to ensure participation

-         Committees to meet at least twice per year

-  Nominations and Elections Committee

§         Judy Walsh and Dave Moxley to co-chair

§         Work with Professional Development Cmte. On Staff Recognition Awards


-         Personnel Committee

o       Contacting other members to determine Chair

o       Verifying non-council members

o       Follow-up on handbook issue and it’s completion

o       Obtain records from last year for continuation


-         Planning and Events Committee

o       Kathleen Traynor to chair

o       Contact non-council members to verify participation

o       Promote other items and events on campus


-         Professional Development Committee

o       Requesting member to chair (Tara)

o       Verify continuing participation of non-council members

o       Tentative schedule with events set

o       Verify time(s) with group as a whole for meetings


Adjournment: Retreat meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m.  The next Staff Council meeting will be on September 9th at 9 a.m. in Eaton Lounge.




Kathleen M. Traynor