Minutes of HCSC Meeting: December 2, 2008


December Meeting Minutes

December 2, 2008

Present: Taralyn Loewenguth, Alicia Fish, Shirley Georgia, Barb Konze, Jane Bachman, Carla Kinser,   Judy Walsh, Mike Haehnel, Colmin Gajadar, Dave Moxley

Also Present: Nancy Lehtonen, Regina Baker

Meeting Called to order at 9:02 a.m.


- November meeting minutes were accepted as submitted

Treasurer's Report:

- The $23.95 cost for cookies at the luncheon with prior members was not yet posted to the account, but including it the balance is $1353.54. Tara notified Linda that she may request funds for copies or posters for the Professional Development committee.

Staff Council Budget


Summary Year to Date






Coffee Hours



Wellness Fair



Recognition Award






Mardi Gras



Misc, Give-aways, Luncheon





October Luncheon




Prof. Development Speakers







Ice Cream Social







Unbudgeted Allocation



Total Allocation




Garage Sale Money


*Not yet charged

HCSC Lunch w/former members

Old Business:

Meeting with the President:

- At the meeting with the President the topic of disrespectful conduct was discussed most. A general feeling of disrespect towards women by people within authoritative positions was felt on campus and may or may not be as prevalent as some feel; the area of concern is broader.

o Strengthening the role of Human Resources and Ombudsperson on campus may be necessary

o Guidance for how to deal with conflict and campus wide understanding needs to be established

o Guidelines for appropriate behavior from the top down among employees/faculty need to be established

o HCSC will address the issue of guidance with Human Resources and the President.

- Calendar for the year has been approved

o Professional Development Committee events for December have been moved back - dates to be finalized.

- Non-Fraternization policy is on the web site, but has not been publicized to the campus at large.

o This issue will be followed-up on again with the President and Human Resources

- Impediments to HCSC/ President Conversation meetings attendance has been addressed with campus by email from the President

- Update on compensation increases: letters were sent out on 12/1 to campus announcing 3% standard salary increase to all employees.

- Parking issues were addressed in memo from George Elsbeck. No follow up from the President was necessary

- Faculty Salary & Budget on Blackboard - more information is available and visible on Blackboard from the faculty side than the Staff. Additional pool funds (that have only been available over the last 2 years) money information was given to the President and VP's for advice on how funds were dispersed. The general feeling on campus is that Staff salary & budget information being available on Blackboard would be useful, but the information would need to be clear and accurate. **This has been noted as an agenda item for the next meeting**

- HCSC web page information needs to be shared by the group at large. Judy will put out a spreadsheet for web page ideas. All members are encouraged to add information to that sheet, as well as the sheet for topics of discussion at future meetings.

- Suggestions for placement areas for the Staff Plaques were made with 4 possibilities:

o In Dewar Union on 3rd floor outside of the bookstore - on the wall over the ATM Machine

o In Dewar Union on the 2nd floor mezzanine. There is currently a display cabinet against the wall which holds out of date information (Water Polo and Equestrian information from 2001 and 2005) that can be updated with the plaques.

o In Yager Hall on the 4th floor on the wall adjacent to the 24 hour study area to the right of the Klinger Board room door

o In Bresee Hall on the 1st floor to the right of the stairs by the Admissions office or possibly on opposite end of the hall near the Entrance to Harry Bradshaw Matthew's museum space.

Use of the Mezzanine display case and the Bresee Hall locations per advice from the council are to be contingent on Permissions from Athletics and Larry Malone.

- Budget and Retention committees: Sub-committee has met, but the groups are still in the beginning stages and not yet off the ground.

New Business:

- Per memo from S. Janitz on 11/19, she will no longer be attending monthly HCSC meetings. This raised the issue of role vs. responsibility i.e. can someone else from the HR office attend meetings in her stead. HCSC by-laws don't specify HR attendance, but history has shown a need for their representation. Question of replacement meeting attendant from HR will be addressed with Suzanne Janitz.

- Sick Bank was discussed. This would allow for staff members with sick time left to contribute to those employees who do not have any. Investigations for costs will need to be considered. Memo to HR for follow-up.

- Recognition Awards 09: Process from last year is archived. A rule change to disallow council member winners and cash awards needs to be made. Nominations open in January for February award at the Mardi gras luncheon. Nominations committee will oversee.

- Health benefits for '09: Personnel Committee to address with George Elsbeck and Suzanne Janitz possible HCSC representation in group discussing and reviewing the benefits package and any changes that may affect benefits cost.

Committee Reports:

- Professional Development committee is in the process of rescheduling some of their events.

o What effect will lower endowment have on non-Aramark staff issue was raised-

o There is an informal hiring freeze on faculty; 3 of 10 open positions are being filled. Budgetary and adjunct professor positions being cut this year and next.

o Note to follow-up with President Drugovich if not discussed at the next Presidential forum.

- Planning and events committee will need funds approval for the door decorating contest prize (tray of cookies from Aramark). Aramark will split the cost of the prize with the committee. Use of the funds was approved.

- **Ad hoc committee for Staff Survey marked as an agenda item**

Meeting adjourned 10:12 a.m.


Kathleen Traynor