Minutes of Meeting: June 2, 2009

 Staff Council


June 2, 2009

Present: Shirley Georgia, Judy Walsh, Dave Moxley, Linda Wells, Barb Konze, Mike Haehnel, Jane Bachman, Colmin Gajadar, Kathleen Traynor, Ann Carman, Kate Fitz-Henry, Allison Spears, Lynda Clark, Tara Loewenguth, Tracy Anderson Absent: Ray Cesnavicus, Alicia Fish Meeting Called to order at 9:04 a.m.

Minutes: - May meeting minutes were accepted as submitted

Treasurer’s Report:
Staff Council Budget 2008-09 
Summary Year to Date 6/1/2009





 Coffee Hours




 Wellness Fiar




 Recognition Awards








 Mardi Gras




 Misc, Give-aways, Luncheon




 October Luncheon




 Prof. Developmetn Speakers                                             








 Ice Cream Social











 Unbudgeted Allocation




 Total Allocation




 Garage Sale Money




* denotes Estimated

HCSC Elections 2009:

- Members for the 2009-2010 only voted. - Chair: Tara Loewenguth - Vice Chair: Jane Bachman - Treasurer: Kate Fitz-Henry
After the elections, Mike Haehnel stepped down as Chair and Tara directed the remainder of the meeting.

Old Business:
- A discussion of the request for an HCSC member to serve on the Academic Theme  (AT) Committee was addressed
        0 The AT Committee creates the academic theme for the year and then arranges programming to support that theme for faculty, staff, and students throughout the year.
         o More information about the committee and its goals is needed from Brian Hagenbuch before SC members would nominate or appoint a committee member.
         o Brian Hagenbuch will be contacted for this information and further discussion of this issue will be tabled until it is received.

New Business:
Emergency Response Plan:
- How best to distribute the Emergency Preparedness information to staff and campus at large 
         o Two suggestions were offered; a small wallet sized folding card to be distributed to all members of the campus community and also larger laminated posters being hung on doors in each building and at Blue Emergency Call boxes on campus for reference to visitors and guests, etc.
- A suggestion for mandatory Emergency Preparedness training (similar to what is currently in effect for Sexual Harassment training) was made as well. A point was made that each building will have a “building person” responsible for those in the building and that person will be fully trained for emergency preparedness. 
         o Training first year students and having continuous training with Res. Life Staff was also suggested, along with including the information in the Orientation sessions held for new employees of the college.
- A motion to donate $2,000.00 from the Garage Sale funds to go towards the production and distribution of the Emergency Response Guide was made and passed 
        o An offer was made to use the money left over in the budget from the Professional Development Committee as a grant for employees to attend the HR seminar being held at the end of the month. This would be a $200 donation, allowing 20 people to attend the event. 
        o  A motion was made to modify the offer; to extend it to past and present members of Staff Council first, and then the campus at large. Motion passed.

- The issue of not having a new Secretary in place for the next year’s HCSC was addressed. No members attending this meeting offered or volunteered to take the position. Jane Bachman volunteered to speak with Ray and Alicia and see if one of them would like to take the position. Members will be notified by email if they accept.

- The HCSC Summer retreat was discussed and options for a date and time to have the retreat were raised. Jane Bachman is not on campus until approx August 15th, but will make every effort to attend the retreat once scheduled. 
          o A request was made for all members to email Tara with times that they will not be available to meet in August. Effort will be made to have the retreat date set within 2 weeks.

 Committee reports:
- Updates from each of the HCSC committees were distributed to members via email.

- The Planning and Events Committee will continue to schedule summer events for staff.
         o A request has been made to Barnes & Noble and Aramark for them to sponsor one summer coffee hour each. The committee is awaiting a response. Next Meeting:

- Retreat date to be set within 2 weeks

- There are no summer meetings

- Meetings will go back to the once monthly schedule starting in September (for the 1st Tuesday morning of every month at 9:00 a.m.) 
         o Jane Bachman will contact the scheduling office and get all HCSC meetings for 2009/2010 on the calendar.

- Information on each of the HCSC committees will be emailed to new members so that review and selection of committees to participate in may be made and finalized at the retreat.

Meeting adjourned 9:55 a.m.
Submitted Kathleen Traynor 6/3/09