Minutes of Meeting: May 5, 2009

May 5, 2009

Members Present: Mike Haehnel (chair), Jane Bachman, Barbara Konze, Carla Kinser, Tara Loewenguth, David Moxley, Judith Walsh (recorder), Linda Wells,
Others Present: Ray Cesnavicius, Kate Fitz-Henry, Allison Spears Guest: Melissa Marietta

1. Call to Order: The May 5, 2009 Staff Council meeting was called to order by Chair Haehnel at 9:05 a.m. Quorum was present.
New members were welcomed: Ray Cesnavisius, Kate Fitz-Henry, and Allison Spears. Their terms will start next month.
The Chair recognized the service of the outgoing members: Shirley Georgia, chair of Planning and Events, our longest-serving member, and Council’s “memory;” Carla Kinser, former vice chair; Colmin Gajadar; Barb Konze; and Judy Walsh, vice chair.

2. Minutes: The April 7, 2009 minutes were approved as presented.

3. Treasurer’s Report:
Staff Council Budget 2008-09
Summary Year to Date 5/4/2009





Coffee Hours 




Wellness Fair




 Recognition Awards








 Mardi Gras




 Misc, Give-aways, Luncheon




 October Luncheon




 Professional Development Speakers








 Ice Cream Social









 Unbudgeted Allocation




 Total Allocation




                 Garage Sale Money




4. Special Recognition Awards: The Chair moved the meeting to executive session and guests were excused so that discussion and voting could begin for the Special Recognition Awards. Discussion followed on the amount awarded, that it is considered taxable income, and the requirement by Financial Services that the award be distributed through payroll and not in the form of a gift card or accounts payable check.
The nominating and awarding of this year’s awards were delayed until late spring from the normal January-February scheduling. All were in agreement that the true value of the awards is the recognition of the individual’s contributions by co-workers.
The winners of the 2009 Special Recognition Awards are: Marcia Saggese for customer service and Anna Meyer for team player. The names of the winners will remain confidential until the awards are handed out May 21 at the Ice Cream Social. The regular meeting resumed and guests were invited back.

5. Nominations for 2009-10 Officers: Members were reminded that new officers will be elected at the June 2009 meeting. Nominations for those wishing to run for chair, vice chair, secretary, and treasurer should be sent to Judy Walsh. Nominations close May 31.

6. Internships on Campus: Melissa Marietta was welcomed to discuss student internship opportunities on campus. She encouraged staff to have students do internships in college departments and anyone interested or with questions should contact her. Ms. Wells reminded us that workstudy students cannot do an internship that earns academic credit and be paid for the work through Federal Workstudy funds.

7. Website Recommendation: Ms. Loewenguth reported that the ad-hoc committee contacted peer schools to determine how their staff-focused web pages were presented. Most peer schools did not have an organization similar to our Staff Council. The ad-hoc committee, with Ms. Gajadar absent, recommended that our webpage remain as is. Ms. Walsh will share by email with the members the number of “hits” to our webpage as reported by Stephanie Brunetta.

8. Ombudsperson: Chair Haehnel is one of two ombudspersons on campus with Kim Noling, as chair of the faculty, the other. Dr. Noling, Mr. Haehnel, and Suzanne Janitz will work together to develop a common description of the ombudsperson duties, as well as, the grievance policy for staff as recommended by the reaccreditation Visiting Team.
The grievance policy proposal should be shared with the Personnel Committee for its review.
The Visiting Team also suggested the President decide on the role Staff Council shall play and it was suggested that Staff Council, in the new year, continue to promote its role in representing the needs of the Staff and serving as a communication conduit between Staff and the administration.

9. Biking and Parking on Campus: Next week is Bike to Work week and Ms. Loewenguth asked for Council members to sit at the registration table each day (7:30 am to 9:30 am) and Ms. Bachman, Ms. Konze, Mr. Cesnavicius, and Ms. Spears volunteered.
Council had received a request earlier this year to address a recommendation to reduce parking on campus. Since the decision to drive to campus and park is wide ranging and in light of the administration’s decision to charge employees to park on campus, Staff Council is taking no action on this request and it will be returned to the requestor for further action.

10. Academic Theme Member: Brian Hagenbuch has requested a Staff Council member join the Academic Theme Committee and this request will be placed on the June 2009 meeting agenda.

11. Emergency Notification Committee: Ms. Wells reported that the committee is meeting again and is making progress; the campus received email notification on April 13 regarding enrollment in the NY Alert program.

12. Adjournment: Chair Haehnel reminded continuing and new members that he will open the June meeting and the first New Business item will be election of new officers. When the new chair is elected, Chair Haehnel will relinquish the meeting and the new chair will take over.
Also, new members should think about what committee(s) they want to serve on as that will be an agenda item too.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 a.m. until June 2, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. in Eaton Lounge.

Submitted by Judith Walsh