Minutes of HCSC Meeting October


October Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2008

Present: Mike Haehnel (chair), Jane Bachman, Alicia Fish, Shirley Georgia, Tara Loewenguth, Carla Kinser, Suzanne Janitz, Judy Walsh, Linda Wells, Kathleen Traynor, David Moxley, Colmin Gajadar, Lynette Herring, Nancy Golden

Member Absent: Barb Konze

Meeting Called to order at 9:00 a.m.


- A motion to table the approval of September meeting minutes for 10 days was made and passed.

Treasurer's Report:

- There was no change to the budget since the last meeting. Current balance $1469.45

Staff Council Budget


Summary Year to Date






Coffee Hours



Wellness Fair



Recognition Award






Mardi Gras



Misc Give-aways, Luncheon



October Luncheon



Prof. Development Speakers







Ice Cream Social







Unbudgeted Allocation



Total Allocation




Garage Sale Money


Emergency Communications Plan update:

- The Personnel Committee submitted a list of issues/questions that were raised after Staff Council was given the opportunity to review the Emergency Communications Plan (CEMP) made available by Tom Kelly. Tom Kelly appeared before the council to address the concerns raised and answer some of the questions.

Tom Kelly's Statements:

The CEMP is still being worked on and finalized. The committee working on this needs members; Tom has asked HCSC to name a person to join the committee. The current policy is a "bridge" plan initiated by Dick Miller and will still need more work and details. The current plan covers immediate danger and the possible need for "lock downs" on campus.

The program will be administrated by NY Alert and will be based on a text message service throughout the college community. The Committee is currently working with Lynette Hitchcock and the IT Dept. to get the system up and running. Students and parents will be able to "opt-in" to the program and get information about campus safety and emergencies, etc. In response to questions, Tom commented:

- "Life Safety Assurance" will be made more clear in the final version of the plan

- Building coordinators were chosen by who was determined to be the best "go to" person in their buildings based on availability and consistency. There will also be back-up personnel chosen.

- The plan will also need to be updated for building and personnel changes

- Building coordinators are not required to stay in the buildings and will receive training related to what their duties will be

- "Lockdown" was defined as an option other than evacuation to keep faculty/staff/students in classrooms or offices for their own safety. Notifications would be made by text message, and would advise staying where you were and trying to secure yourself. Most rooms can't be secured from the inside - a priority list was made of rooms that will need deadbolt locks on their doors. These locks will be installed starting with larger rooms first. Outside doors with swipe card access can be shut down from a centralized location.

- Membership on the team is not included as part of the job description, but should be

- Emergency Preparedness handbook (flip book) although it is a draft copy includes all necessary phone numbers to report an emergency (on campus and off) as well as information about injury and medical emergencies, severe weather and tornado alerts, hazardous materials, utility failures, fire, bomb or biological threat, evacuation of the handicapped, workplace violence, crisis management and evacuation procedures.

- Ideally a copy of this manual would be distributed to each person, but may not be possible due to high cost of production. In this case, they will be issued to each department to have available

- Assembly areas will need to be indicated or clarified on door notices for those areas that are currently missing

- When the plan is finalized, it should be posted to the HC web site as well.

Judy Walsh:

- Kate Fitz-Henry & Lisa Kettunen have been chosen to be members of the Campus Environmental Committee

- Executive Committee would need to convene to determine the 4 members that HCSC will be recommending to the Budget Advisory Committee

Moved to Executive Committee session at 9:30 for vote

(Mike Haehnel, Judy Walsh, Dave Moxley, Jane Bachman, Taralynn Loewenguth, Linda Wells, Colmin Gajadar, Shirley Georgia and Kathleen Traynor present)

- A description of the committee was read again for discussion and to aid in the selection process and the list of nominees was reviewed

- It was determined that the members appointed to be on this committee should report back to their constituents , and that those reports be included with the monthly HCSC meeting minutes distribution

- The 4 members voted on to represent council on this committee were: Carla Kinser, Melissa Allen, Deb Hilts, and Allison Spears

Executive Session called to end at 9:43 a.m.

- Announcement of new Staff representatives of the Budget Committee were made to council but members were asked not to make general announcements to these people yet; they would be notified of their nomination in person

Employee Handbook:

- Jane Bachman approached George Elsbeck with the council's concerns about this matter. To date, they have gotten no response and no handbook has been made available for review. HCSC strongly suggests that an email be sent to George Elsbeck for follow-up and that all HCSC members (including ex-officios) be copied on the email as well

- A Non-Fraternization statement was brought before the council to be discussed as being included in part of the employee handbook. This statement will be in the handbook (or should be) and has not been addressed before

- Council was unsure if there was an appeals process related to this matter. If there is not already, we suggest there should be. This is an obviously important issue to be addressed and the appeals process should be suggested and spelled out properly

- This policy is to be in place in spite of current handbook status as a goal - but we want to make sure that the College does not address individual policies one at a time instead of reviewing and approving the Manual.

- Motion to accept policy of appeal process for this policy approved

- Kim Noling will be informed of the vote.

Planning & Events Commmitte:

- Tailgate luncheon event on 10/21. The group will be meeting today to finalize

Professional Development Committee:

- The group was not able to schedule an event for October due to scheduling conflicts

- The November identity theft event will go on as planned

- The group will offer monthly programming. Their January event has already been finalized, remaining dates are still being worked on.

General information/wrap up

- Coordinating a meeting with former members to encourage future involvement is in process

- Middle States Staff subgroup report was distributed; members are encouraged to respond to that and the Staff survey of last spring

- President Drugovich's inauguration went very well and HCSC was well represented. A copy of Mike's remarks at inauguration will be distributed for those who were not able to attend the event

- President Drugovich is looking for staff members for the Retention Task Force to join current members (see attached list). This election will be discussed at a meeting with the date and time to be determined

Meeting adjourned at 10:20 a.m.


Kathleen Traynor