Minutes of HCSC Meeting: September 2008


September Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2008

Present: Mike Haehnel (chair), Jane Bachman, Alicia Fish, Shirley Georgia, Tara Loewenguth, Carla Kinser, Suzanne Janitz, Judy Walsh, Linda Wells, Kathleen Traynor

Member Absent: David Moxley, Colmin Gajadar, Barb Konze

Meeting Called to order at 9:00 a.m.


-Minutes of June 3, 2008 meeting were approved as corrected: Correction for retreat minutes: Carla Kinser reports to Academic Affairs, not Institutional Advancement

-Correction: In notes regarding follow-up on goal items in retreat notes, change wording from aggressive to assertive

-Minutes of August 5, 2008 Staff Council Retreat were approved as amended

Treasurer's Report:

-$80.55 charge to account for Retreat noted

Staff Council Budget


Summary Year to Date






Coffee Hours



Wellness Fair



Recognition Award






Mardi Gras



Misc Give-aways, Luncheon



October Luncheon



Prof. Development Speakers







Ice Cream Social







Unbudgeted Allocation



Total Allocation




Garage Sale Money


Old Business:

Staff Council Annual Self-Assessment was ratified. This will be forwarded to President Drugovich as the annual report to the president

-Goals based on retreat notes to be ratified by council:

During the 2008-09 Academic Year the Hartwick College Staff Council will

  1. Provide meaningful and significant review of the Employee Handbook prior to its release to staff and faculty;
  2. Provide meaningful and significant review of the Emergency Notification Plan prior to its release to staff and faculty;
  3. Develop a calendar of Staff Council events for approval by Cabinet, which approval will include permission and provision for staff to participate in those events;
  4. Strengthen the presence of Staff Council among staff through means including but not limited to
    1. providing more opportunities for staff to have input in the Staff Council agenda,
    2. making Staff Council members more visible via the Staff-Council website and other media,
    3. actively promoting more awareness of Staff Council,
    4. becoming pro-active in responding to issues;
  5. Provide meaningful and significant review of Middle States Report, including but not limited to
    1. encouraging participation of all staff in Middle States informational sessions,
    2. attending forums and other discussions;
    3. providing a formal response to the Middle States Report;
  6. Become more effective in meeting Staff Council's advisory role by strengthening the presence of Staff Council in internal communication processes through means including but not limited to
    1. "closing loops" (i.e. getting answers to the questions that we ask, following up on promises that are made, getting feedback on input that we have provided),
    2. promoting more two-way communication between Staff Council and other campus organizations and governing bodies,
    3. inviting and encouraging more information and feedback from the President and Cabinet;
  7. Continue pursuing prior goals not addressed in the above goals:
    1. Provide information to new employees about Staff Council via new employee orientations,
    2. Encourage staff involvement in campus events,
    3. Sponsor staff recognition awards.

Employee Handbook update:

-Per a memo from George Elsbeck, a draft of the new handbook has been sent to the VP's for approval and should be available for review after 9/19

-Staff Council will continue to follow-up with George to ensure that we get a chance to review the Employee Manual prior to release

New Employee Orientation:

-Per last year's goals, we have hoped to attend the New Employee Orientations that HR provides so that we could introduce people to Staff Council. Suzanne Janitz invited Mike Haehnel to the orientation of 9/5/08, which he attended

-Mike updated Staff Council Welcome Letter for new employees. He distributed the letter at the orientation, and HR will now include a copy of same in orientation packets for new employees

-All officers/members noted at bottom of new letter

-Web site pictures/updates for Staff Council members will be a continuing goal

Emergency Notification Plan Update:

-A copy of the draft Emergency Plan along with other educational materials received via Tom Kelly was forwarded to HCSC members by Mike Haehnel

-Personnel committee to review and make notes for discussion at next HCSC meeting

-New York Alert Company will be overseeing the program

-Recommendation made for Tom Kelly to attend next HCSC meeting to address questions about program

o The Emergency Plan calls for Building Coordinators. Questions were raised as to the following

§ Will they need training?

§ What do responsibilities entail?

§ Possible liability for volunteers?

-A report from the Personnel Committee as well as Tom Kelly regarding these issues will be addressed at the next meeting

Middle States Report:

-Rough draft of The Middle-States Self Study report already distributed to those involved in working groups

-Staff subgroup of the Working Group are satisfied with inclusion of issues in final report

-No notation of when final report will be released for review by the campus has been determined

New Business

- Mike Haehnel & Judy Walsh will be meeting monthly with President Drugovich representing Staff Council and addressing issues

o Appointments are set for September through the end of 2008.

-Reports will be made to council be email after meeting(s)


-Mike Haehnel has been asked to speak at the Inauguration of President Drugovich on October 4th as the representative for staff

-A HCSC member was asked to volunteer to speak at the tree planting ceremony outside President Drugovich's office on October 3rd

o Alicia Fish volunteered to speak at the event

-Staff Council members are asked to submit ideas from themselves or members of their departments for comments to be included in Mike's welcome or celebration portion of the inauguration events

o Represent positive Staff sentiments as closely as possible

-There may be a need for Staff volunteers to assist in certain areas - Judy Walsh will let us know if they are needed and how many

o Areas may include reception table for delegates sign-in, etc.

Committee On Campus: George Elsbeck, Chair

-HCSC has been approached for recommendations for 2 representatives from staff to serve on newly formed committee

-Committee will be comprised of members of faculty, staff, and students

-Committee members will be responsible for input and recommendations on landscaping and grounds keeping on campus and ideas on general upkeep issues

-Nominations from Enrollment Management and Institutional Advancement not required as they are already represented within the group

-Nominations will be taken/suggestions offered by email

-Nominations committee to oversee the voting

Budget Advisory Committee:

-Not starting to work together until October

-HCSC has been approached for recommendations for 4 representatives to serve as nominated by Staff Council

-The group will select a chair when seated

-Committee will make recommendations to the President and Board of Trustees on budgetary issues relating to campus

-Nominations will be solicited by a Staff ZHD email and members will vote for the representatives at the October Staff Council meeting

-Nominations committee will oversee the voting

Committee Reports:

Professional Development:

-Has not met yet; should be meeting next week

-Committee members have reviewed evaluations and notes from 2 years ago for future planning within the group

-They are hoping to schedule 4 workshops or events plus the Wellness Fair for the calendar year

-Calendar is in process and will be submitted for approval

-The group is working toward defining goals/initiatives/vision of the committee overall

Nominations and Elections:

-Have not met yet but will be shortly

-Will be overseeing the nominations for the 2 new committees being formed on campus

Personnel Committee:

-Have not met yet, but will shortly

Planning and Events Committee:

-Shirley Georgia shared notes from Pine Lake Day for follow up with the group including improvement suggestions offered for next year

- Next event - Tailgate Party in October. Date has to be confirmed

- Calendar will be the same basic layout as last year

* Waiting to include Professional Developments events to calendar

* Planning and events committee will submit their calendar "as is" and other groups can add to it as their information becomes available

- A copy of the improvement suggestions memo for Pine Lake day being archived in Staff Council folder for future reference

Invitations to Former HCSC Members:

-HCSC would like to reach out to former council members in order to encourage continued participation within the group in an effort to exchange ideas about goals and issues going forward, etc.

-Executive Committee will work on reaching out to former members in order to make this happen

Plans for Razing Arnold Hall:

-The possible date of demolition of Arnold Hall has been mentioned as 9/15, with the possibility of being finished by October 15th, but nothing has been confirmed to the best of HCSC knowledge

Issues to be raised with President:

-Time schedule and plan for destruction and clean up of Arnold Hall

-President's timetable for meeting with Staff in different areas/offices on campus

Meeting adjourned 10:03 a.m.


Kathleen Traynor