Minutes of HCSC Meeting: April 4, 2005

Present: Frank Werdann (presiding), Accordino, Avery, Brunetta, Carvin, Freeland, Gaynor, Georgia, Huneke, Losie, Moriarty, Nobiling, Pelligra, and Wycoff

1. The meeting was called to order by Chair Werdann at 9:02 am.
2. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of March 7, 2005.  The minutes were unanimously approved.

3. Bonnie Nobiling and Nadine Carvin presented an update on the Assessment Committee.  Bonnie walked us through the Blackboard course which has been set up to keep the campus aware of assessment happenings.  She and Nadine provided current information about what the assessment sub-committees are doing.  Members have been charged with identifying assessment efforts that are currently in place and noting where there are none.  This practice is not meant to be a threat nor intimidating in any way, but rather information gathering. Areas should not feel bad if they do not have current assessment practices in place, nor should they start creating any.  It is merely an honest effort to determine what and where we need to implement new and or revised assessment practices.  At the conclusion of the process, those who currently have no assessment plan in place will be provided information and direction on how to establish one. Hopefully, a template can be drawn up that will serve to assist in the creation of many new/revised assessment tools.

 When asked whether there was anything that Staff Council could do to assist in the assessment efforts, the response was yes.  Each sub-committee has a point person that has been charged with asking questions about particular programs, areas, etc.  Encouraging staff to cooperate fully with those asking questions will be one of the most helpful things anyone can do for this phase of the work.  It was also determined that a link from the Staff Council webpage to assessment information would be greatly appreciated.  Although it would be good for faculty, staff and students to review all assessment information, it was noted that it would be particularly beneficial to emphasize that staff review the co-curricular and institutional information and pose respective questions, if they have any.  Bonnie will provide Stephanie Brunetta with 3-4 sentences to lead into the link. 

4. As Ellen Miller was unable to be in attendance today, further discussion of overtime pay was deferred until the next meeting

5. The "Garage Sale" was the next topic of discussion.  It has been decided that the sales will take place in the middle aisle of the Pole Barn.  The campus should be notified ASAP about the need to inventory potential items to be placed in the sale.  The list should be made up of items in the pole barn, individual offices and any other storage spaces that are currently being used. 

The process should take the following path:

  • A general message will be sent to all staff.
  • The president will discuss again with Cabinet and provide them with "sample packets" to be distributed to those deciding to participate in the sales
  • Cabinet will then send out messages to their direct reports
  • Direct reports will need to respond to their Cabinet member as to whether or not their areas will be participating in the "garage sales."  We will need a yes or no from all areas.
  • Cabinet members will then relay participant information to Staff Council member ?
  • Once participants are known, packets will be sent to each.  The packets will contain information denoting how inventory should be labeled. 
  • If Pole Barn inventory needs to be reviewed, maintenance (Denny Whitmore) should be contacted to set up an appointment (rainy days are best).  Sooner rather than later is preferred.  (Remind participants to take their packet with them, so that they don’t have to make more than one trip to the Pole Barn).

6. Members of the Professional Development Committee provided us with information on upcoming workshops.  Presenter's information will be passed through the Office of Human Resources for review to make certain that it is consistent with college policy.  Workshop information can be found on Committee and Council Web pages.

The lack of a Staff Council budget was discussed.  Currently expenses are being picked up by the College Bookstore, and the Office of Human Resources will initially cover costs associated with copying evaluations, handouts, thank you notes, etc.  However, not having a budget is seen as a definite detriment.  Although we are ever mindful of the bottom line, we recognize that there are some costs associated with work that cannot be denied.  Chair Werdann was asked to consult with President Miller about the possibility of acquiring at least a small budget for the work of Council.

7.  Chair Werdann then reported on his conversation with President Miller pertaining to Council’s request to expand benefits for domestic partners.  The president stated that he would put it as an agenda item for a future Cabinet meeting, consult with legal counsel, and evaluate against benchmark institutions.

8. Council has been asked by the Alcohol Advisory Board (specific composition unknown) for input regarding the serving of alcohol to or in the presence of students at various campus events.  Discussion ensued, however, it was determined that more information is needed before any comments or decisions are relayed to the AA Board.

9. The meeting was adjourned at 10:08 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Avery