Minutes of HCSC Meeting: February 7, 2005

Present: Frank Werdann (presiding), Accordino, Avery, Beyer, Brunetta, Freeland, Gaynor, Georgia, Hammon-Card, Losie, Miller, E., Miller, R., Moriarty, Pelligra, and Wyckoff

1.  The meeting was called to order by Frank Werdann at 9:00 a.m.

2.  President Miller opened discussion of his proposed campus-wide garage sale.  He noted that he plans to rent a tent that will be placed next to the Pole Barn so that items may be displayed under the tent as well as in the Pole Barn.  Items will be displayed by department and he encourages each department to add to items they may currently have in the pole barn by taking inventory within their offices and any other storage areas they may have.

 Highlights of the ensuing discussion:

  • The entire campus will be involved, including ARAMARK
  • Sales revenue will go directly back to the respective department
  • Items will be priced by the department and departmental representatives will have negotiating power.  Items will be tax-free (to be confirmed).
  • At least one individual representative for each department (possibly more, depending on quantity of items for sale from the department)
  • The president suggests that the sale be held on a Friday/Saturday at the beginning of June (while schools are still in session).
  • The president will pay for a sizable ad in The Daily Star advertising the sale
  • Unsold items will be offered to not-for-profit organizations (schools, businesses, etc.)
  • Remaining items will be offered free to employees
  • Remaining iron/metal items will be viewed for possible salvage sales.
  • The sale will create space in the Pole Barn providing an opportunity for reconsideration  of this space.
  • In the future, departments will be charged a minimal fee for pole barn storage The charge will not be high enough to “break the bank,” but will give departments cause to consider what is worth storing vs. what is junk.
  • Gladys Freeland, a bona fide antique dealer, has volunteered to provide expertise for any items that someone thinks may have value as an antique.
  • Shelley Wallace should be contacted if items are questionable in respect to having historical value.
  • *The Planning and Events Committee will meet to work out details (Gladys Freeland, Shirley Georgia, Manny Pelligra)

3.  The minutes of January 3, 2005 were discussed and revised. 

  • 2nd sentence now reads…as representatives elected by staff council on the Campus-Wide Assessment Committee.

 After this revision, a motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as previously  distributed.  The motion passed unanimously.

4.  The minutes of January 13, 2005 were discussed.  A motion was made and seconded to  approve the minutes as previously distributed.  The motion passed unanimously.

5.  The Professional Development Committee discussed sending out a survey to determine the “wants and needs” of staff members.  Suzanne Gaynor reported that the committee would like to solicit input to assist in scheduling some topics of interest for future meetings.  It was suggested that brown bag lunches may be at least one forum for presentations.  As a result of further discussion, it was decided that the survey will be sent only to staff, but that faculty members may be invited to speak or present topics of interest as determined by the survey and the committee.  Faculty will also be invited to participate in all presentations.  Tammy has volunteered to receive the survey responses for future processing by the committee. 

 As cost may be involved in procuring an outside speaker, we will investigate funding possibilities for program exchanges with other colleges.  Also, it was suggested and approved that Chair Werdann will approach President Miller to see if he is willing to donate profits from sales of Thornwood inventory at the campus-wide garage sale toward the establishment of a staff development fund.

 Staff and faculty will be surveyed to identify volunteers willing to assist with presentations.  A motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously to send out the survey to staff via email.  

6.  College mailings were the next topic of discussion.  A staff member had suggested that the college might see a cost savings from mailings sent to campus addresses rather than home addresses.  The committee identified the Office of Institutional Advancement as being one  that might benefit from this question.   Chair Werdann will contact Karyl Clemens in the Office of Institutional Advancement to determine what, if any, changes could or should be made in the way various offices in IA do business.

7.  A staff member expressed concern over the "limited and costly health insurance plans" available to Hartwick employees.

Ellen Miller, Executive Director of Human Resources explained that renewals are done on an annual basis.  She explained that up to two years ago, Hartwick offered five plans.  Two years ago the College went down to two plans.  The College benefited by the decrease in the number of plan offerings by being able to keep insurance premiums at a smaller increase.   

Initial sign-up was done in December 2003 with renewals taking place in June 2004.  We should soon be hearing about renewal costs for 2005-06.

The question was asked as to whether Hartwick should consider providing additional plans to choose from.  In the ensuing discussion, it was noted that the projection is that we will most likely see some kind of an increase in future insurance premiums.  Ellen also told us that the Marsh McClellan U.S.A. (our health insurance brokers) feel that the use of the fiscal year to match the Health and Dental Plan year is a good way to monitor the potential cost increases as a part of our budget process.  Hartwick is unique in higher education with this concept. 

Marsh handles all of the college’s health insurance negotiations.  Offering additional plans will probably mean fewer participants in each, and could likely then affect all insurance plan premiums.  Ellen will request Marsh to provide us with cost quotes for the addition of extra plans.  Staff Council will review the new insurance proposals when received.

The Office of Human Resources will prepare a one-page general handout explaining current insurance policies, rationales, etc. pertinent to the College’s health/dental offerings.  A "draft" of this document will be sent to Staff Council for review before being distributed to all staff.

8.  Bill Beyer brought the topic of excessive use of paper on campus to the attention of the committee. He noted that there was an article about it in the Garage News Winter 2005 edition (Reducing the Use of Paper on Campus... Consider the Alternatives).  A copy of the article will be extracted from this publication and sent electronically to faculty, staff and students. 

9. The committee then addressed a question it received regarding the lack of staff lounges in each building.   The committee concluded that since building space is currently at a premium, and somewhat in a state of flux due to the proposed Golisano Hall and/or refurbishing of Arnold Hall, that it would be best to table this request for the time being.  However, a decision was made to request John Anderson, Vice President for Academic Affairs (and co-chair of the Golisano Hall Planning Committee) to submit a request that space for a staff lounge be considered as part of the planning process when considering vacated space by new occupants of Golisano and/or Arnold Hall.  It was also determined that requesting staff lounges for all buildings was a bit of a stretch, but having at least one would be wonderful.

10. The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna L. Avery