Minutes of HCSC Meeting: March 7, 2006

Present: Bill Beyer (presiding), Accordino, Avery, Brunetta, Clapp, Freeland, Gaynor, Georgia, Huneke, Miller, E., Miller, R., Moriarty, Warden, and Wycoff

1. The meeting was called to order at 9:01 a.m.

2. President Miller provided Council with some updates:

  • Parking Committee is making progress
  • Summer Hours—a decision has been made by Cabinet to continue using regular office hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. throughout the summer.  Cabinet did express their openness to using flex-time during the summer.  Each Vice President will convey this information to their direct reports.
  • The President inquired about particular staff issues.  A question was raised about the possibility of lunch discounts being made available for staff for the Commons.  Rick Accordino, ARA Food Service Director, noted that it is being looked into, but also cited some potential problems that might occur if a revised policy were put into place allowing discounts for staff members.
  • Alcohol Use Committee update—the committee meets one time each in the fall and spring.  Anecdotally speaking, it appears that alcohol use is down in the dorms, with fewer violations being reported and less damage in these areas.

3. The minutes of February 27, 2006 were approved as previously distributed.

4. Newly elected divisional representatives to Staff Council are:

  • Academic Affairs- Carla Tenace
  • Finance- Shirley Georgia
  • Information and Planning- Colman Gajadar
  • Institutional Advancement- TBA
  • Student Life- Graig Eichler

5. Nancy Wycoff will be drafting a memo to be sent to all staff soliciting nominations for Staff  at-large elections for non-exempt staff members.  There are currently three vacancies; two 2- year positions and one 1- year replacement position.  The two individuals receiving the most  votes will fill the 2-yr positions, with the other individual filling the 1-yr position.

6. Shirley Georgia provided a budget update.  Currently she finds no record of any money in the regular budget for Staff Council.  As of December 5, 2005, there was a charge against this budget of $69.56.  In the miscellaneous line there is an ARA food charge of $101.55 that has not yet been identified. Rick Accordino will research the charge.

7. Presentation Updates

  • Wednesday, March 8, 2006—Suzanne Janitz will present a workshop on Conducting Employment Interviews
  • April 12, 2006 from 12:00 – 1:00 pm, Eaton Lounge—Larry Malone, Professor of Economics and Chair of the Faculty,  will present a workshop on Criticism in our Professional Lives.
  • May (tentative)—Debbie Warren, Supervising Skills
  • Some future time—Mike Haehnel, Conflict Management
  • The question was posed about the possibility of forum presentations by departments.  Possibly once a month.  Feedback will be solicited from the president and Cabinet on need.   They would serve to spotlight individual departments, both administrative and academic.
  • The question arose as to what parents are being told in orientation sessions.  It was suggested that the forum presentations might be modeled after these sessions.  The Professional Development Committee will prepare a memo for Staff Council’s review.

8. Election—Staff Council voted to fill three staff vacancies on the campus Parking Committee.  We received the names of six volunteers who had expressed an interest in this service.  Voting resulted in the following individuals being elected. 

  • Marilyn Nienart
  • Kellie Place
  • Jack Sienkiewicz

These names will be forwarded to President Miller.

9. WebAdvisor—The committee was alerted that in early May training will begin for electronic submission of student time-cards.

Following that process, training will begin for electronic submission of faculty/staff  attendance information.  It was noted that Staff Council can be helpful in communicating  information that will assist in this endeavor.

10. The meeting was adjourned at 9:58 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Avery