Minutes of HCSC Meeting: February 7, 2006

Present: Bill Beyer (presiding), Avery, Brunetta, Gaynor, Georgia, Miller, E., Miller, R., and Wycoff

1.  The meeting was called to order at 9:04 a.m. by Chair Beyer.

2.  Due to the unavailability of Greg Krikorian, Vice President of Student Life and David Clapp, Supervisor of Campus Security and Safety, the President is in attendance to discuss parking concerns.  

3. President Miller proceeded to share information on some short and long-term parking issues.  Highlights of his remarks are listed below:
 Golisano Hall Construction – Short Term

  • Construction will present significant parking displacement
  • 120 new parking spots will be created on the top level of Binder between the new residence hall structure and near the Table Rock road entrance.  These spots can easily be assigned for student parking.

Golisano Hall – Long Term

  • Architects state that the campus will regain the same amount of parking spots as we currently have; however, the President doesn't feel entirely confident with this prediction.
  • The President would like to see the removal of all parking in front of Clark, Bresee and Arnold Halls.  He would also like to see the widening of sidewalks in this area and the narrowing of the actual road.  This would create an "academic plateau" that would be more pedestrian friendly and contain less vehicular traffic.  The road currently going up to Binder would also be closed. 
  • The creation of a Parking Advisory Committee (possibly Ad Hoc) was discussed.  The committee's main agenda would be considering how we are going to manage parking for occupants of Arnold and Bresee Halls.  Membership will include faculty, staff and student representation.

Committee members informed the President that we have other current parking concerns that include enforcement policies, a concern with the blanket statement in the parking rules and regulations booklet that states that all unmarked areas are considered to be fire and tow away zones and are ticketed accordingly, a request for easier campus identification as to who can park where, etc.  He suggested that Staff Council prepare a memo for him outlining specific concerns for his review and possible action.

4. Attention then turned to the "adopt-a-room" suggestion that has recently been a topic of discussion between Council and the President.  The President feels it is too late in the 05-06 academic year to do much about it; however, he would like to have Council's written suggestions pertinent to the issue for consideration and inclusion with those from the Taillories Committee.  Presentation of final comments will then be presented to the entire campus next fall.  The extra time would allow for the creation and distribution of a comprehensive plan that would provide more awareness to the campus community about our particular energy and conservation issues.

5. The topic of the possibility of revised campus summer hours was presented to the President and he responded with his personal outlook on the matter.  His desire is to provide flexible working opportunities for employees and continue to provide full service for external constituents as well (even those on the west coast).  He feels that everyone is best served if the College has standardized opening and closing hours, but is open to having individual vice presidents authorize rotating skeletal coverage amongst staff members for particular times of the day.  The President suggests Staff Council send him a written proposal for distribution to and discussion by the Cabinet.

6. Nancy Wycoff, Chair of the Nominating Committee provided an update on elections that will be needed for Council members in the spring.  There will be two types of elections that will need to be completed.  One is for "divisional" members and the other for "at-large" members.

Staff Council will prepare and send a memo to each vice president explaining the process that will be used for "divisional" elections.  The deadline for receipt of these election results will be March 3, 2006 and results should be sent to the Staff Council email address and marked to the attention of the Nominating Committee.

A revision was made to the HCSC Member Chart template to reflect that Dorian Huneke's original appointment was for a one year, thus making her term expiration 2006 (the same as all others divisional representatives).

 "At-large" elections will be completed through an electronic email nominating and voting procedure.  Bill Beyer will assist with the on-line preparation of this process.  The Nominating Committee will distribute an email to the entire staff requesting nominations by Wednesday, March 15th.  Included within this email will be the names of the recently elected divisional representatives, as well as the procedures and timeframe pertinent to this election.

7. In summary, Chair Beyer will prepare three "first draft" memos for consideration and discussion by Staff Council regarding the subjects of:

  • parking
  • summer hours
  • adopt a room—the President has already received a memo from Staff Council that indicated initial support "in spirit" to the adopt a room program, but also acknowledged the need for a more comprehensive review and plan development from Facilities and other HVAC knowledgeable parties (e.g., NYSEG).  Upon completion of this plan, Staff Council expressed willingness to review it and provide comments.

8. The position of "treasurer" of Staff Council was the next agenda item.  Currently it is a combined position with that of "secretary".  Initially, Staff Council had no budget so it was not a critical appointment.  However, since Staff Council now has two accounts; a regular budget, plus proceeds from the "garage sale" the committee has decided that there is a need for budget reporting at each meeting.  Therefore, a determination was made to separate the combined appointment and create an individual appointment for the treasurer’s position.  This will be done at the same time the normal election of officers occurs for Staff Council.

9.  Shirley Georgia volunteered (with a bit of soft arm twisting) to be considered as the Staff Council representative for the project team that is current working on issues for use of vacated space due to the new construction of Golisano Hall and the revamping of Bresee Hall.  One of the items to be addressed is the possibility of the creation of a "staff lounge".   Staff Council representation on this planning team will provide an avenue for direct communication to and from the project team.  A motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously to elect Shirley as the Staff Council representative of the project team.

10. A professional development survey will be sent to staff soliciting event ideas for spring term 2006 for the month of April and beyond.   Suzanne Janitz, Coordinator of Human Resources has agreed to be a presenter in March on the topic of "employment interviewing".

11. Suzanne Gaynor and Stephanie Brunetta brought up a request they had received that Council consider financially subsidizing personal requests from Hartwick employees to receive Reiki training.  Council concluded that financial payment for specific speakers or presenters is appropriate in the context of a wellness fair or other special events hosted by Council and open for faculty and staff participation    However, Council deems it inappropriate to use limited budgetary resources for the purpose of funding individual requests.  Chair Beyer will relay this decision to the requestor. 

12. The meeting was adjourned at 10:18 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Avery