Minutes of HCSC Meeting: January 9, 2006

Present: Bill Beyer (presiding), Avery, Brunetta, Gaynor, Georgia, Huneke, Malone, Miller, E. and Wycoff; Guest: Warden

1. The meeting was called to order at 9:04 a.m. by Chair, Bill Beyer.

2. The Minutes of December 5, 2005 were approved as previously distributed.

3. Garage Sale Proceeds Update—Shirley Georgia reported that she had spoken with Nancy  Lehtonen and Nancy said everything is in order and that she now needs to talk with Frank  Werdann.

4. Heaven (4th Floor Bresee Hall)  Update—Dorian Huneke reports that paper products are the  only remaining  items in "Heaven" and therefore, there is nothing available there to sell.

5. Nominating Committee Update—Nancy Wycoff reports that Maggie Arthurs has volunteered for service on this committee.  Therefore, the nominating committee membership now consists of Nancy Wycoff, Maggie Arthurs and Connie Losie.


A.  The HCSC is composed of twelve elected members.

B.  Each division represented by the Cabinet Officers will hold elections, in collaboration with the HCSC Nominating and Elections Committee, for one representative. Those divisions being:

1.  Academic Affairs
2.  Student Life
3.  Enrollment Management
4.  Institutional Advancement
5.  Planning & Information Systems
6.  Finance

C.  Six members will be elected at large, with three being exempt and three being non-exempt staff members.

D.  The twelve elected members will elect a Chair among themselves resulting in eleven voting members and a non-voting chair.  Ex officio, non-voting, members of the Council will be the College President and one representative from each of the following:  Human Resources, Dining Services, Facilities, Faculty and the Student Body.

E.  The elected term of Council members will be two years.  At least five, no more  than seven, elected members' terms will expire each year.

1. Elections will be held no later than April 1.
2. Terms of office for Council members shall be June 1 through May 31.
3. There are no term limits.

The Division representatives were initially appointed by their respective vice presidents for service for one year.  The normal term of appointment for each elected member is two years.   Elections will need to occur for the following areas, with current members being eligible for re-election.


Division Reps.
(Terms expire 5/31/06-
Eligible for re-election)

Council Member

Academic Affairs

Gladys Freeland

Student Life


Enrollment Management

Nancy Wycoff

Institutional Advancement

Dorian Huneke

Planning and Information Systems 

Bill Beyer


Shirley Georgia

Marketing & Communications 



(2 yr terms expiring 5/31/07)


#1 Exempt 

Suzanne Gaynor

#2 Exempt 

Donna Avery

#3 Exempt 

Stephanie Brunetta

#1 Non-Exempt

Connie Losie
(need a 1yr replacement due to resignation)

#2 Non-Exempt  


#3 Non-Exempt


Nancy distributed various copies of membership information including a division and at-large committee template for reference and discussion.  The Committee proceeded to link individual names with each position listed and the results are listed below. 

The nominating committee will contact individual vice presidents about soliciting names for nomination.

6. Stress Relief Workshop Update—Stephanie Brunetta reported that the committee received positive and encouraging feedback with suggestions to do it again.  The committee will make a few changes prior to the next offering.

7. The Committee conducted an election for two administrative representatives from amongst three volunteers (Beyer, Dejardin and Lambiaso) willing to serve on the Scholarship Awards Committee (SAC) in support  of the John Christopher Hartwick process.  Bill Beyer left the room for the election as he is one of the candidates in contention for the election.

A hand vote was taken and resulted in the election of Bill Beyer and Joan Lambiaso for terms of three-years each, commencing immediately and continuing through spring term 2009.

8. The Committee discussed a change in its standing meeting time.  The time of future Staff Council meetings was unanimously approved for the first Tuesday of each month from 9:00 – 10:00 am in Eaton Lounge.  Bill Beyer will take care of changing the room reservations with Kathleen Wenck.

9. Patricia Maben and Fran Borrego will present an Enrollment Management and Marketing Presentation from 1:00 – 2:00 pm in the Chesebro Room for all staff

10. Frank Werdann will check with Dick Miller on outside vendor representation at on-campus events.

11. Bill Beyer will send out email reminder to staff about attending Staff Council meetings and the need for new agenda items.

 Staff Council members identified some new agenda and previously tabled agenda items  as:

  • Enforcement of illegal campus parking—Greg Krikorian and David Clapp will be invited to attend our next SC meeting.
  • Bill Beyer will be checking into the possibility of creating an individual Staff Council email account so that recipients will immediately know where the message came from.
  • Summer Hours

12. The question of how a staff member could bring forth agenda items anonymously was raised.  The consensus was that it is not a problem as unsigned agenda items could be forwarded to Staff Council members.

13. The meeting was adjourned at 10:07 a.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Avery