Minutes of HCSC Meeting: July 5, 2005

Present: Frank Werdann (presiding), Avery, Beyer, Brunetta, Foster, Gaynor, Georgia,   Miller, E., and Pelligra

1. The meeting was called to order by Chair Werdann at 9:05 am.

2. The minutes of May 17th were approved as previously distributed.  Distribution of the DRAFT Minutes of June 6, 2005 will occur prior to our next meeting, and approval of these minutes will be an agenda item at that time.

3. Garage Sale—Chair Werdann noted that operating expenses totaled $1,600 and were paid by President Miller. He stated that actual profits (not taking operating expenses into account) ended up at approximately $6,200.  The idea of future garage sales was discussed and a final decision will await final feedback from Gladys Freeland and Nancy Wycoff, as key representatives for the garage sale from the Planning and Events Committee.  A recap of what did and didn’t work for the sale resulted in the following comments.


  • IF determined that future "garage sales" are feasible, the College Bookstore has volunteered the use of their cage in the Pole Barn as a location for storage of future sale items.  Items would need to be labeled and identified by areas making a deposit.  This would allow for an easy evaluation of the quantity and quality of items available for a sale and help to determine whether or not a sale is worthwhile.
  • The College Purchasing Manager needs to be involved in any future garage sale plans, and all efforts should be coordinated through this individual.
  • To attain the "festive carnival like atmosphere" that the President originally envisioned, student organizations would need to be involved.  If external vendors are also invited to participate (for a flat rate table/area fee) an individual staff member would need to be identified as the overseer (as part of their normal job responsibilities), or a student organization would need to take the lead, as a much more detailed operation would be required.
  • Perhaps a half-day pre-sale opportunity should be available to faculty and staff prior to the actual sale
  • A portable credit card reader is being researched for acquisition  by the Business Office, that would allow for purchases to be paid for with credit cards.


  • Better execution of item(s) delivered from offices/areas to Pole Barn
  • More staff volunteers needed
  • Three-day sale was TOO much
  • More "strong" backs needed from the Facilities staff during the day(s) of the sale
  • Insufficient campus signage during the sale
  • Entertainment (or lack thereof) and food sales was a “bust”

4. Suzanne Gaynor and Stephanie Brunetta briefly discussed planning by the Professional Development Committee for workshops next fall.  Then planning schedule is complete and the committee is currently working out details.  There is a December "stress management fair" being discussed involving some various components.

5. President Miller sent out a memo regarding the Talloires Declaration and the need to develop a program to move forward with the program.  A nine-member committee (faculty, staff and students) will be formed, with Ellen Falduto acting as the Cabinet’s liaison. Chair Werdann will be sending out a request for names of volunteers interested in serving as the staff representatives.  If more than three volunteers are identified, Staff Council will vote on representatives from the list of volunteers and forward the names to President Miller.

6. The recent departure of Bonnie Nobiling has created a vacancy on the Assessment Committee.  Chair Werdann will be sending out a request for a volunteer willing to serve in this replacement capacity.

Current Assessment Committee membership is: John Anderson, Jason Antrosio, Elizabeth Arnett, Nejla Camponeschi, Mark Carr, Nadine Carvin, Lori Collins-Hall, Tammy Babcock, Mark Erickson, Ellen Falduto, Dominique Gonzalez, Greg Krikorian, Duncan Macdonald, Larry Malone, Harry Matthews, Zack McKenna, Richard Miller, Patrick Panzella, Chuck Thienpont, Terry Turick-Gibson, and Mark Wolff.

7. Summer Hours—a memo will be sent out in the near future from President Miller outlining Cabinet’s view on this subject for the summer of 2005.  It was also determined that early discussion of future summer hours would prove beneficial for Cabinet discussion, and allow ample time if changes were approved for inclusion into college publications.  Therefore, this item will be listed as an agenda item for early fall.

8. Summer Coffee Hour—Tammy Babcock will be discussing this subject with President Miller this week, and will report the outcome to Chair Werdann. However, it is thought that the faculty/staff picnic at the beginning of the summer has replaced the weekly summer coffee hours that had previously been sponsored by the President and Cabinet.

9. August Meeting for Staff Council—the question was asked as to whether or not we would like to skip an August Meeting of this group since our bylaws state that we must meet at least 10 times a year (fulfilled) and we have no pressing agenda items.  The committee consensus was favorable to eliminate the August meeting.

10. Future Staff Council Meetings—a brief discussion about future meeting times resulted in a decision to have our September meeting on Monday, September 12th (the second week of the term) at 9:00 am in Eaton Lounge.  One of our agenda items will be to discuss a change in the day and/or time of Staff Council meetings for fall term.  A driving factor for changing the regularly scheduled meetings is to identify a more favorable time that might allow for more staff members attendance and participation at these meetings.

11. Quinquennial Awards and Presentation—it was determined that the Planning and Events Committee should include this topic as an agenda item as soon as possible.

12. Employee Recognition/Awards—an agenda item for the Personnel sub-committee to be discussed in the near future.

13. The meeting was adjourned at 9:53 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Avery