Minutes of HCSC Meeting: September 12, 2005

Present: Frank Werdann (presiding), Accordino, Avery, Beyer, Brunetta, Foster, Freeland, Gaynor (late arrival), Huneke, Miller, E., Moriarty, and Wycoff

1. The meeting was called to order at 9:08 am.

2. Chair Werdann announced that President Miller will be unable to be with us today.  He will address us later in the term to discuss new agenda items.  There is no need to hear the College song.

3. Discussion of the minutes of July 5th resulted in the following changes:

  • #3, change Professional Development Committee TO Planning and Events Committee
  • #11, change Professional Development Committee TO Planning and Events Committee

A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as corrected.  The motion passed unanimously.

4. Gladys Freeland noted that she has already provided final feedback for the garage sale.  Chair Werdann said that President Miller decided that it would be a least few years before we consider having another one.

5. The Planning and Events Committee met twice over the summer (July 28th and August 9th)  to discuss Quinquennial Awards and Presentation.  Copies of their minutes are attached (Attachments I and II).

6. It was announced that Diane Page, Assistant Professor of Music will present a workshop on Time and Work Flow Management on Tuesday, September 20th at noon in Eaton Lounge.

7. Future workshop offerings from Staff Council were discussed.  Specifics about upcoming workshops may found by going to http://www.hatwick.edu/x11521.xml .

8. Chair Werdann conducted an election for three staff representatives for the Talloire Declaration Committee from a slate of volunteers. Lea Foster left the meeting at this point.  The following individuals were elected:

  • Lea Foster, Collections Manager, Yager Museum
  • Nancy Heiss, Assistant Director of Academic Center for Excellence
  • Marilyn Nienart, Purchasing Manager

9. Patricia Maben would like to submit a proposal to Cabinet for modification of the  Remission Benefit Policy to include the following.

  • Currently there is an annual renewal to make certain that the student has a 2.00 cumulative average.
  • She is proposing a one year reprieve for students who have less than 2.00 to allow them time to attain the 2.00 cumulative average by using the many resources of the Academic Center for Excellence.

A motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously to endorse this proposal.

10. The president wants to add staff representatives to the President's Advisory Board on  Alcohol and Recreational Drugs.   A discussion ensued regarding recent happenings of the  Board.

The Student Handbook alcohol policies were reviewed this summer by Student Life, Ellen Falduto and the Office of Human Resources.  Previously, our latest review was prior to 1992.  An email copy of revisions made to the behavioral and conduct policies was sent to all campus constituents.

Staff Council asked for volunteers to represent specific areas.  Results follow:

  • Facilities – Anne Moriarty
  • ARA Food Service – Meg Shivers
  • Staff Council (2) – Frank Werdann and Bill Beyer

11. The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna L. Avery