Minutes of HCSC Meeting: April 3, 2007

Present: Suzanne Gaynor, Presiding, Stephanie Brunetta, Donna Cahill, Colmin Gajadar, Shirley Georgia, Lynn Greenwood, Jamie Jones, Dawn Marullo, Eric Nichols, Sara Pickett
Guests: Judy Conkling, Patricia Knapp

1. The meeting was called to order at 9:07 a.m.

2. The minutes of the March 6, 2006 HCSC meeting were approved as written.

3. Treasurer’s Report – Today’s balance $955.25. Garage sale balance is $2226.10.

4. Request from Professional Development Committee – HCSC received this request by email: "Please accept this as a formal request for funding for the Professional Development Committee (PDC). We are planning to coordinate an ice cream social for the entire staff on May 9th at 2pm in the Shineman Chapel. On behalf of the PDC I would like to request $200 from Staff Council to cover the cost of set up and the ice cream which will be purchased through catering." Stephanie explained that the ice cream social would be a setting to encourage all staff to participate in the annual survey regarding topics for future Professional Development Workshops. The social is contingent upon approval by cabinet since we would be offering this during work hours, and that this needs to be done before we advertise. We will do this by asking President Miller about it."  A motion was made, seconded and approved to grant $200.00 to the committee for a Social.

5. Elections Progress – Elections for future members of Council close at midnight Wednesday April 4. 70 staff have voted. Several people had trouble getting into Blackboard to vote because they have "dual categorization". This has been corrected for this situation.

6. Role of ARAMARK on Staff Council and in Council elections – ARAMARK employees’ participation in Staff Council provides opportunity for exchange of information between the two groups and increased communication. After discussion, it was decided not to change their role; they will still participate as ex-officio, and as such, will not have voting privileges.

7. Self Assessment process – Colmin, Stephanie and Suzanne volunteered to be on this committee. They will look at the history of Council, encompassing several categories: including activities, finances, what worked/what didn’t recommendations for committees’ and the evolution of the election process.

8. Staff Recognition Awards – It was decided that Recognition Awards will start next Fall, with awards funded by HCSC. It is yet uncertain how a recognition event will be funded. Lynn will research tax ramification of cash awards, and the option of using gift cards. A Customer Service and Team Player Award will be $50 each. Staff Excellence Award will be $100.00. Dawn M. prepared a page summarizing our discussion and plans, which will later be provided to President Miller.

9. Staff Council Budget – At this point, we anticipate the following events (expenses as indicated) each year:

  • Stress Relief Fair $250
  • Coffee Hour(s) $500
  • Recognition Awards $400
  • Misc Office Supplies and Services $ 50

10. By-Laws – Council member were asked to review the most recent draft of by-laws in preparation for voting at next meeting.

11. Morale booster idea – Because of the longer walk to and from parking areas because of construction, a staff person submitted a suggestion that Staff Council provide an umbrella or rain poncho for each staff person. While Council appreciates the morale boosting idea, logistics and finances prohibit implementation.

12. Several items were mentioned and will be on the agenda for our May meeting:

A. Personnel Committee –Council members are asked to review the minutes of the Personnel Committee meeting March 22 for discussion at next meeting. At a Fall meeting, President Miller requested our input regarding the search process for college staff. We will formulate that response at our next meeting.

B. Staff Council Scholarship fund raising – A request has been submitted for Staff Council to sponsor a scholarship for a Hartwick student. This will be discussed and a response generated at next meeting.

C. Planning and events – Shirley announced that P& E Committee is planning a Plant Swap in April and a possible Day at Pine Lake instead of the early summer on-campus picnic. This will also be discussed at next meeting.

13. The next meeting of the Hartwick College Staff Council will be Tuesday, May 1, 2006 at 9:00 a.m.

14. This meeting was adjourned at 10:20 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sara Pickett