Minutes of HCSC Meeting: August 1, 2006

Chair Suzanne Gaynor, Donna Avery, Stephanie Brunetta, Graig Eichler, Colmin Gajadar, Jamie Jones, Dawn Marullo, Eric Nichols, Sara Pickett, Matt Stever, Carla Tenace, Frank Werdann
President Dick Miller, Tom Kelley 

1. The meeting was called to order at 9:02 a.m. 

2. President Miller was invited to address the committee regarding search practices. There is no policy in place regarding which positions warrant a search that is open to the Hartwick community and which do not. It would be appropriate to have an advisory committee for this.  President Miller asked that Staff Council write a draft policy, for his review and use as appropriate, including at what level we search, and the fact that the hiring person should have the right to choose the committee.  He noted that the schedule, process, etc should be quick and flexible, with meetings only when felt necessary by the hiring individual.  If there is community meetings, the legality of questions must be addressed by handout or a “policeman”.

President Miller also noted:

  • There are an unusually high number of freshmen this fall; who require more services.
  • Progress on Smith Hall is progressing well.
  • We expect remarks and discussion this fall regarding the changes in Athletics.
  • Budget shows increasing confidence in revenue and fundraising of the college.
  • For Faculty, it will be a challenge to maintain the student/faculty ratio of 12.5 to 1.
  • For Administration, the challenge will be creatively filling open positions, including better use of Datatel.  President Miller asked whether Staff Council might be able to review vacancies as they come up and advise him whether they need to be filled or not.
  • The parking committee is looking at solutions such as more parking at outer boundaries of campus, fees, not allowing freshman to have cars on campus.

3. Chair Gaynor then introduced Tom Kelly, new Director of Campus Safety, who was in attendance to review recent changes in the Campus Safety department:

  • Parking – Additional spaces can be gained by re-striping and other changes, including re-assignment of some handicap spots.  Mike Syron will return from retirement, solely for "parking enforcement".  Fees may be instituted to encourage compliance with parking rules.  New full and part time staff has been hired, to begin before the start of Fall semester.  
  • New department name - "Campus Safety" is more accurate and all-encompassing.
  • New uniforms – New look, and changing to blue, like college's colors.
  • Keys – Policy for handing out and surrender of keys to be rewritten; will include penalties for lost keys.
  • New switchboard people have been hired. 
  • Written policies and manuals are being examined and updates.
  • Vehicle driver approval will now include back ground checks and training.

4.  The minutes of June 6 and June 15, 2006 were approved as previously distributed.

5.  Chair Gaynor noted that minutes of June 6 included two Action Items; both presented by Patricia Maben, Vice President for Enrollment Management, as member of the Enrollment Management Task Force:

  • Staff Council was asked to consider a process for providing an accurate listing of office job responsibilities on the HC webpage.  Discussion included the fact that names should not be included in job descriptions, the "functionality" of the job should be the focus, and that Cabinet should decide who does this.
  • Staff Council was invited to assist in special presentations, on Monday lunch times, at the foyer to the Commons, in which individual campus offices will provide information about their office and its services. 
    In both instances, it was re-stated that Staff Council's function is advisory, and that while we support both actions, they do not require further action on our part.

6.  With HR Director Ellen Miller leaving, it was suggested that Suzanne Janitz be invited to attend Staff Council meetings; this met with approval of the group.

7.  It was mentioned that by-laws, especially with regard to sub-committees should be reviewed in the future.  Council members not on sub-committees were urged to sign up by next meeting, so committee member lists can be finalized and posted to the web site.

8.  Chair Gaynor will draft a response to Patricia Maben regarding the Enrollment Management Task Force items.  (Reference item #5 above.)

9.  Stephanie Brunetta gave a brief report of the 20/20 Vision retreat led by Gerry Hunsberger and John Anderson.  Its stated purpose was to identify who we are at Hartwick, what we do that is truly unique and different, and what we do well that we should continue doing.  John Anderson will provide more information, in a document summarizing the retreat. Faculty member, Katrina Zalatan, Mellon Fellow for 2006-2007, will help us determine the next level of strategic planning.

10. The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sara Pickett