Minutes of HCSC Meeting: September 12, 2006

Present: Chair Suzanne Gaynor, Donna Cahill, Stephanie Brunetta, Graig Eichler, Jamie Jones, Dawn Marullo, Anne Moriarity, Eric Nichols, Sara Pickett, Carla Tenace 

1. The meeting was called to order at 9:02 am.   

2. After some discussion and three minor changes, the minutes of the August 1, 2006 HCSC meeting were approved. 

3. Committee memberships. 

  • Personnel: Jamie Jones volunteered to be on this sub-committee. After a new Human Resources Director is in place, someone from that department should be on this sub-committee.  Chair Gaynor will draft response to President Miller’s inquiry about our recommendation regarding searches.
  • Bylaws: Eric Nichols volunteered to be on this sub-committee.  Chair Gaynor asked him to call a meeting of the sub-committee, to elect a Chair.
  • Professional Development:  No changes or actions were reported.
  • Planning and Events: There are no upcoming events being planned at this time.
  • Nominating:  Chair Gaynor will contact Colmin Gajadar about being on a sub-committee.

4. HR Director Search – HCSC was given the opportunity to meet and greet five candidates.  Chair Gaynor expressed appreciation for committee members who attended the interviews, interacted with candidates and provided reviews to VP Bill Wood.

5. A review of upcoming Professional Development Workshops included:

September 20 – Beth Orgeron and April Reed from the Library will speak on various resources and services available at the library for staff and faculty.

October – to be announced

November – to be announced

6. The Council’s web presence was discussed.  Dawn Marullo volunteered to train with Stephanie this year, to assume responsibility for next year.  Using Ingeniux, she will post minutes, list professional Development Workshops, provide sub-committee updates.

7. Chair Gaynor next noted that HCSC should set goals for the coming year (including identifying what groups to contact and involve).  All members are asked to review Committee mission and by-laws before next meeting.

8. Graig Eichler reported that Student Life Department has proposed that we have a “Staff member of the Month”.  This falls under ‘staff recognition and nominating’ and therefore our Personnel Sub Committee.  We will wait for action on this until an HR Director is in place.  As an advisory body, we would suggest criteria, but not select the recipient of the award.  Also, we will not have further discussion or take actions until this award is a certainty. 

9. The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Sara Pickett