Minutes of HCSC Meeting: April 1, 2008

Members Present: Dawn Marullo (presiding), Colmin Gajadar, Shirley Georgia, Mike Haehnel, Barbara Konze, Eric Nichols, Jamie O'Donnell, Matt Sanford, Colleen Seabury, Matt Stever, Judy Walsh
Ex-Officio: Josh Gardner, Anne Moriarty
Member Absent: Carla Kinser

Quorum Present

Call to Order

Dawn Marullo called the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m.

March 4, 2008 meeting minutes - Judy Walsh made a motion to approve the March meeting minutes. Shirley Georgia seconded the motion. The March minutes stand approved.

Treasurer's Report
Staff Council's current balance is $749.70. The garage sale balance is $2,106.10. Dawn said that garage sale money was used to pay for the Staff Recognition plaques.

New Business
OH Fest - Josh Gardner talked about OH Fest which will take place on April 26. If Staff Council members or the departments they represent would like to participate, there are many volunteer opportunities available (running games, general clean-up, barricade duty, food vending). There are also tables that can be rented if anyone is interested. All volunteers will receive a t-shirt. The deadline for signing up is one week before OH Fest.

Old Business
Appointments: VP for Academic Affairs Search and Inauguration Committee - Dawn shared that Maggie Arthurs and Ric Chrislip were appointed to the VP for Academic Affairs Search Committee. Jennifer Moritz and Judy Walsh were appointed to the Inauguration Committee.

Staff Recognition plaques - Dawn showed the two plaques to everyone. There was discussion about where to display them. One suggestion is to place the plaques in Yager outside of the Klinger Boardroom. Another suggestion is to place them in the Clark Hall foyer. Dawn will bring these suggestions to Alicia Fish, Director of Donor Relations.

Hartwick Fund Bricks Drive - Matt Sanford made a motion to use money from Staff Council's regular budget to purchase a brick. Shirley Georgia seconded the motion. The motion stands approved with Dawn Marullo abstaining.

Updates from Committees
Professional Development - Jamie O'Donnell shared that there will be a presentation about identify theft on May 7 at 2 p.m. Staff from the library and IT will be assisting with the presentation.

Nominating & Elections - Matt Stever said that the three Divisional positions have been filled. Jane Bachman (Enrollment Management), Jason Jameson (Institutional Advancement), and Taralyn Loewenguth (Student Life) have been appointed. Their terms will begin on June 1. At-Large elections will be held later this month to fill the positions currently held by Eric Nichols, Colleen Seabury, and Matt Sanford. A call for nominations will be sent out, and the elections will be run through Blackboard. Dawn made a motion to reset the Exempt At-Large term to a full two-year term. Mike Haehnel seconded the motion. The motion stands approved with no objections.

Personnel - Eric Nichols shared minutes from a Personnel Committee meeting held on March 13. Topics of discussion included the following: TIAA-CREF, MVP, the Staff Manual, Job-Analysis Questionnaires, and Form 5500 Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan. The committee will meet again in April.

Planning & Events - Shirley Georgia said that she needs to work with Eric Nichols on sponsoring an athletic event. There was discussion about the Junior Pig Roast and whether staff could be invited to that event. Dawn will talk to Katie Morgans about that. There was also a suggestion about having an event during commencement week.

There was discussion about recordkeeping and archiving as members leave Staff Council. Matt Sanford said that the Registrar's Office has an empty filing cabinet that can be used for storage. The archiving process will be put on the agenda for next month's meeting.

The next Staff Council meeting is Tuesday, May 6 at 9:00 a.m. in Eaton Lounge.

Meeting adjourned at 9:52 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Colleen Seabury