Minutes of HCSC Meeting: December 4, 2007

Members Present: Dawn Marullo (presiding), Colmin Gajadar, Shirley Georgia, Mike Haehnel, Carla Kinser, Jamie O'Donnell, Matt Sanford, Colleen Seabury, Matt Stever, Judy Walsh
Members Absent: Barbara Konze, Eric Nichols
Staff Present: Rebekah Ambrose, John Anderson, Stephanie Brunetta, Suzanne Janitz

Quorum Present

Call to Order

Dawn Marullo called the meeting to order at 9:06 a.m.


November 6, 2007 meeting minutes - Members discussed Mike Haehnel's suggestions regarding the Staff Communication Board agenda item. Mike suggested the following amendment: "The opinion was expressed that using the ZHD lists for such a carpooling request would not be disruptive. However, the fact that IT could not support such use of the ZHD lists was also raised." Shirley Georgia made a motion to approve the November minutes with the amendment. Matt Stever seconded the motion. The November minutes stand approved.

Treasurer's Report

Mike Haehnel reported that $45 has been spent on the Wellness Fair. Jamie O'Donnell shared that other expenses related to the Wellness Fair have yet to be posted. Staff Council's current balance is $1,352.44. The garage sale balance stands at $2,226.10.

New Business
Vice President Anderson - staff salaries - Vice President John Anderson provided an overview of the faculty and staff salary increases. John shared that an analysis of staff salaries occurred and that an effort was made to address internal equities to bring certain staff up to a base level. Since there is a multi-year commitment to increase faculty salaries, a question was raised as to whether a multi-year commitment for staff salaries exists. John said that he would look into this and report back to Staff Council. John also suggested that Staff Council may want to consider having a committee similar to the Faculty Salary and Budget Committee. It was noted that Staff Council has a Personnel Committee to address salary issues and concerns; however, the Personnel Committee has had difficulty obtaining needed information (such as salary grades/ranges). John recommended that the Personnel Committee meet with George Elsbeck and perhaps George can serve as a liaison to the committee.

Middle States Review: "People" Working Group update - Mike Haehnel introduced Rebekah Ambrose as co-chair of the Staff Sub-Group of the People Working Group. Mike shared that the group continues to collect and analyze data. The Staff Sub-Group of Middle States is committed to sharing results of their research with Staff Council. Mike shared a handout which lists names of the Staff sub-group members, the issues and standards that the sub-group is working on, and a draft of a HERI-like survey. Staff Council will be asked to try out the survey later in the month and to help with its promotion to all staff in January. Mike also asked that the Middle States People Working Group be a standing agenda item. If anyone has any comments or questions about the Staff sub-group and its role, then please feel free to contact Mike or Rebekah.

Restroom signage (staff suggestion) - Due to time constraints, this agenda item has been tabled until next month's meeting.

Old Business
Staff Handbook - Suzanne Janitz shared that the college attorney is currently reviewing the Staff Handbook.

Job Descriptions - Suzanne Janitz shared that the Office of Human Resources is continuing to look at job descriptions and is also reviewing the submitted Job Analysis Questionnaires and job descriptions.

Giveaway item for employees - Due to time constraints, this agenda item has been tabled until next month's meeting.

Updates from Committees
Professional Development - Jamie O'Donnell extended his thanks to members of the Professional Development committee for their assistance with the Wellness Fair.

Personnel - Dawn will contact Eric Nichols about setting up a meeting time for this committee.

Jamie O'Donnell shared that this is his last Staff Council meeting; he is leaving Hartwick College and accepting a position elsewhere.

Judy Walsh requested that Staff Council meeting attendance be added to next month's agenda. This will give members an opportunity to review the by-laws regarding member attendance.

Shirley Georgia asked about the status of meetings that President Miller has previously held with Staff Council, Faculty Council, and the Student Senate Executive Board. In the past these meetings were held after Board meetings. Dawn recalled that there had been a meeting scheduled in May, but it had been cancelled. Dawn will inquire about the status of these meetings and report back to the group.

The next Staff Council meeting is Tuesday, January 8th at 9:00 a.m. in Eaton Lounge.

Matt Stever made a motion to adjourn at 10:15 a.m. Shirley Georgia seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted,
Colleen Seabury