Minutes of HCSC Meeting: June 5, 2007

Members Present: Graig Eichler, Shirley Georgia, Mike Haehnel, Carla Kinser, Barbara Konze, Dawn Marullo, Anne Moriarty, Eric Nichols, Sara Pickett, Matthew Sanford, Matt Stever, Judith Walsh

Member Absent: Colmin Gajadar

Quorum Present

1. Call to Order. The June 5, 2007 Staff Council meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m. by Vice-Chair Kinser. The minutes of the May 1, 2007 meeting were accepted as presented.

2. Treasurer's Report. Ms. Georgia reported that the current operating balance is $778.82 plus the Garage Sale 2005 proceeds of $2,226.10.

3. New Business.

a. Planning & Events: Ms. Georgia requested a $242 disbursement for the first Summer 2007 Coffee Break to be held on the Dewar Balcony on June 14th. Being duly moved and seconded the Council voted unanimously to authorize this disbursement. Additional Coffee Breaks are scheduled for July 18th in the Bresee Foyer and sponsored by Barnes & Noble, and the August 14th event on the Yager Patio sponsored by AFS. The Council expresses their thanks to Barnes and Noble and AFS for their support of these employee events.

b. Elections for New Officers: Vice Chair Kinser recognized Chair Marullo of the Nominating Committee to proceed with elections of officers for June 2007 to May 2008 term.

Chair Marullo announced the slate of nominees who are all running unopposed:

Chair Dawn Marullo
Vice Chair Graig Eichler
Treasurer Michael Haehnel
Secretary Judith Walsh
Student Senate Matthew Stever

Ballots were distributed and the vote count was compiled by Vice Chair Kinser who announced that all nominees were elected.

Vice Chair Kinser transferred presiding officer duties to new Chair Marullo.

c. Unpaid Vacation Proposal: Ms. Kinser reminded members that President Miller in a May 3, 2007 email to members requested feedback on how members felt regarding a proposal to allow employees to take unpaid vacation time. Ms. Kinser reported that the majority of responses the President received were negative, citing the existing vacation and personal time policy, the cost to departments, the additional workload a leave would place on other staff, and the uncertainty of how a leave would affect an employee's benefits. The issue was tabled until the President is present to discuss further.

d. Summer Meeting Schedule: The Council is required to meet ten times a year and last year the Council did not meet in July. Discussion ensued regarding the best time to meet and it was determined that Chair Marullo will solicit dates for a two-hour meeting towards the end of July and this meeting will focus on planning for 2007-08 with proposed topics to include budgeting, goals, calendar of events, roles of officers and committees, plus any additional issues presented by the members.

4. Old Business:

a. Staff Recognition Awards: When committee officers are elected, the Nominating Committee chair will initiate nomination for the Staff Recognition Awards. As a reminder, all staff are eligible to be nominated; Staff Council will recommend a slate of nominees to Cabinet who will pick the designees.

b. Garage Sale Monies: It was suggested at the May meeting that we consider using the $2,226.10 money from the 2005 Garage Sale for a student scholarship. Discussion continued on using this money with suggestions on using it for the Staff Recognition Award or staff development or as a gift to the Annual Fund / Sponsored Scholarships. This matter was tabled until the July meeting.

5. Committee Report. Ms. Georgia reported that the Planning and Events committee discussed with President Miller a Staff Day at Pine Lake event to be scheduled in August. The President offered his support and pledged that he would supply the food if staff supplemented it with a dish to pass. Ms. Georgia will meet with Dr. Drohan to schedule the event for a Saturday in August and she will report back at the next meeting.

6. Final Notes and Adjournment. Ms. Georgia asked Chair Marullo to contact Nancy Lehtonen in Financial Services to arrange the budget reports to be given to Mr. Haehnel. The slate of new officers will be sent to the President.

Chair Marullo adjourned the meeting at 9:52 a.m. and the next meeting will be announced by email at a later date.

Respectfully Submitted,
Judith Walsh