Minutes of HCSC Meeting: March 2, 2008

Members Present: Dawn Marullo (presiding), Colmin Gajadar, Shirley Georgia, Mike Haehnel, Carla Kinser, Barbara Konze, Eric Nichols, Jamie O'Donnell, Colleen Seabury, Matt Stever, Judy Walsh
Ex-Officio: Josh Gardner '08, Suzanne Janitz, Anne Moriarty
Member Absent: Matt Sanford

Quorum Present

Call to Order

Dawn Marullo called the meeting to order at 9:04 a.m.

February 5, 2008 meeting minutes - Judy Walsh made a motion to approve the February meeting minutes. Shirley Georgia seconded the motion. The February minutes stand approved.

Treasurer's Report
Mike Haehnel reported that Staff Council's current balance is $771.68. The garage sale balance stands at $2,226.10. Matt Stever explained why additional funds were spent to pay for the recognition awards. Matt shared that by going through payroll, additional money was needed to give each Staff Recognition Award winner a lump sum amount. Matt suggested that perhaps in the future a choice of gift certificates could be offered to the recipients instead of giving the awards through payroll.

New Business
Middle States Review: "People" Working Group update - Mike Haehnel thanked Staff Council members for their support of the staff survey. As of February 29 the response rate for staff was 41%. The response rate for the faculty survey was 54%. Mike shared that the working group will soon have findings to share with Staff Council. When there is data to report, Staff Council will be the first group to hear the information.

Staff Recognition Awards: documenting process - Matt Stever shared a handout providing a general guideline of the process for selecting the award recipients. This information will be helpful for next year's Staff Council members. For next year, it was suggested that the list of nominees could be forwarded to the President's Office for placement on the Cabinet's agenda.

Old Business
Staff Recognition plaque - Dawn Marullo shared that through LaserKing the cost of each plaque will be $60. To add names each year will be about $5. Shirley Georgia made a motion to use garage sale money to pay for the two plaques and to have future plaque additions be included as part of the Staff Council budget. Carla Kinser seconded the motion. The motion was approved with no objections. A location for the plaques is still needed, and members were asked to think about possible sites. This discussion will continue at next month's meeting.

There was additional discussion about nominees for the Staff Recognition Awards. The procedures for the nomination process should note that Staff Council members are not eligible to be nominated for the Staff Recognition Awards. Members also discussed whether or not nominees should be informed that they have been nominated. Nominees were not notified this year. There was no consensus on this topic, so perhaps next year's Staff Council can discuss this item.

Garage Sale - Shirley Georgia shared that the Yager Museum is looking for pieces that might have been in the garage sale. If there were any items it's not known where they might be.

Shirley Georgia mentioned a suggestion form a former Staff Council member. Perhaps Staff Council could use garage sale money to purchase a brick through the Hartwick Fund Bricks Drive. This topic will be placed on the agenda for next month's meeting.

Updates from Committees

Personnel - Eric Nichols shared that the committee met in December, and there is an upcoming meeting on March 13 with George Elsbeck. Some of the topics of discussion will include the Staff Manual, dental policies, and health insurance.

Professional Development - Jamie O'Donnell shared that the committee will meet on March 11. The group hopes to schedule a function before the school year ends.

Nominating & Elections - Matt Stever shared that Divisional elections are coming up this month. Terms for Dawn Marullo, Matt Stever, and Jamie O'Donnell will expire. The committee will be meeting with Cabinet members next week to discuss elections. Terms for Eric Nichols and Colleen Seabury will also be ending (non-exempt at-large representatives). At-large elections will be held in April.

Dawn Marullo made a motion to add the word "consecutively" to the Staff Council by-laws regarding second terms for Divisional members. The by-laws would state, "Divisional members cannot serve their division for a second term consecutively, but can be generally elected for another term." Judy Walsh seconded the motion. The motion passed with no objections.

Planning & Events - Shirley Georgia shared that there was a good crowd at Mardi Gras. There are no events coming up, but there was discussion about possibly co-sponsoring a sporting event. There was also discussion about the possibility of staff being invited to the "last day of class bash."

The next Staff Council meeting is Tuesday, April 1 at 9:00 a.m. in Eaton Lounge.
Meeting adjourned at 10 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Colleen Seabury