Minutes of HCSC Meeting: November 6, 2007

Members Present: Dawn Marullo (presiding), Colmin Gajadar, Shirley Georgia, Mike Haehnel, Carla Kinser, Jamie O’Donnell, Matt Sanford, Colleen Seabury, Matt Stever, Judy Walsh

Members Absent: Barbara Konze, Eric Nichols

Quorum Present

Call to Order
Dawn Marullo called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.  

October 2, 2007 meeting minutes – Judy Walsh made a motion to approve the October minutes as written. Shirley Georgia seconded the motion. The October minutes stand approved.

 Treasurer’s Report
Mike Haehnel reported that Staff Council has spent $102.56 this fiscal year. The current balance is $1,397.44. The garage sale balance stands at $2,226.10.

New Business
Middle States Review: “People” Working Group – Mike Haehnel provided an update. The working group is continuing to identify data sources to address issues related to staff involvement, professional development, hiring and retention of staff, and salaries. The first draft is due around November 20th. Mike shared that having the Staff Council meeting minutes available online has been a great help.

Staff compensation increase for 2007-08 – Dawn shared the compensation increases for 2007-08. All staff will receive a 3.5% increase to their base salaries. All full-time staff and permanent part-time staff hired prior to July 1, 2007, excluding those who have been promoted or received an adjustment to their base salaries because of changes in responsibilities since July 1, will receive an increase. There is an additional pool of funds that will be distributed among some staff. Any questions regarding the compensation increase should be directed to your Cabinet member.

Suggestion: Staff Communication Board – Colleen Seabury shared a suggestion mentioned by a co-worker. Since students have a web site where they can post transportation requests (need a ride / can give a ride) during college breaks, perhaps a similar idea for staff could be implemented. For instance, if someone has car trouble and needs to find a ride home, maybe there is a way to connect staff who would be willing to carpool or offer a ride. After discussion, Staff Council members decided that having a separate communication board is not necessary. The opinion was expressed that using the ZHD lists for such a carpooling request would not be disruptive. However, the fact that IT could not support such use of the ZHD lists was also raised. 

Old Business
Giveaway item for employees – The count for all staff including ARAMARK Facilities and Dining is around 330. More discussion is needed regarding an appropriate gift to give to all staff. Please send any suggestions to Matt Stever.

 Staff Council Goals – Dawn reviewed the Staff Council goals, and members agreed that Staff Council is carrying out those goals.

 Updates from Committees
Professional Development – Jamie O’Donnell shared that two meetings were held in October. Members discussed the upcoming Wellness Fair scheduled for December 3rd. The Professional Development committee will meet again on November 13th.

Planning & Events – Shirley Georgia shared that the committee met in October. The Tailgate luncheon was a success, and guests liked the introduction of new staff. Staff Council will co-sponsor an event in November, perhaps an upcoming soccer game or the van Ess collection exhibit.

 Personnel – Carla Kinser shared that two issues related to TIAA-CREF accounts will be discussed.

Nominating & Elections – Matt Stever shared that the committee needs to meet about the staff recognition awards. The cycling of Staff Council members in May is also an item for discussion.

Faculty/Staff Handbook – Dawn will ask Suzanne Janitz about the status of this handbook.

Status of Emergency Communication Plan – Mike Haehnel spoke with Tom Kelly. Staff Council will be contacted to review the plan before it goes public.

Presidential Search – Karyl Clemens has replaced Lynn Greenwood as the staff representative on the search committee.

Job Analysis Questionnaires – Not all questionnaires have reached the Office of Human Resources. There was discussion about where these questionnaires are and who has received notification that the questionnaires have been signed by Cabinet members.

Communicating Announcements – Shirley Georgia mentioned that it would be nice to have a way of communicating announcements among staff (death of a spouse, or good news such as an engagement or birth announcement).

The next Staff Council meeting is Tuesday, December 4th at 9:00 a.m. in Eaton Lounge. Meeting adjourned at 10:05 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Colleen Seabury